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The Difference between Multiracial, Transracial, and Interracial Adoptions

By Felix Miyago 

Adoption is a challenging process when it comes to the mother making the decision. Find a match with potential parents, conduct background checks, find suitable environments, and research endless adoption agencies because you want the best for your child. For mothers, it’s one of the most difficult decisions and an overwhelming moment. Adoption Choices of Nevada wants to help both new mothers and adoptive parents to connect.

The Distinctions in the 3 Types of Mixed Race Adoption

For mothers and adoptive parents learning more about the adoption process Nevada currently offers, there are 3 types of adoption terms used interchangeably with only minor differences defined below:

  1. Multiracial Adoption
  2. Transracial Adoption
  3. Interracial Adoption

Multiracial Adoption

The adopted child identifies with multiple racial or ethnic backgrounds. Regardless of the adoptive parents’ race or ethnicity, multiracial adoption focuses on the child’s own ethnic identity. 

Transracial Adoption

A child from one race or ethnicity is adopted from parents of a different race or ethnicity. The difference between transracial and interracial is the adoptive parents aren’t from the same race or ethnicity as the child’s biological parents.

Interracial Adoption

The adoption with the adopted child and adoptive parents come from different races. This means the child and the parents looking to adopt don’t come from the same ethnicity. 

Being a mother is one of the most challenging full-time jobs because there are endless variables, resources, and pressures related to motherhood. 

We understand the stress and overwhelming information about adoption and we’re here to help alleviate that. We want to support you and help make the adoption process smooth and less stressful for you at Adoption Choices of Nevada. With resources and support from our staff in their respective expertise ranging from legal aspects, surrogacy specialists, adoption specialists, and bilingual specialists. 

Benefits of Considering A Mixed Race Adoption For Adoptive Parents

When deciding which open adoption, such as multiracial, transracial, or interracial adoption, would interest you. Here are 3 benefits when considering a mixed-race adoption in Nevada.

  1. Avoiding Preconceived Notions of Ethnicities

Children growing up in a mixed-race family, whether from a multiracial, transracial, or interracial adoption, will develop a sense of openness to different cultures. Adoptive parents have the opportunity to showcase and share their culture with the adoptive child. The adoptive child vice versa can share the culture while feeling a sense of acceptance from the parents. 

  1. Combating Discrimination and Racial Bias

Adoptive parents raising their adoptive child have an impact on how they view races. Coming from a mixed-race family gives a sense of acceptance to other races while creating connections with others through culture. 

  1. Embracing Ethnic Heritage and Culture From Upbringing

While the child continues to grow, adoptive parents have the chance to guide with exploring and sharing more about the history, traditions, and background of their upbringing. Children will tend to mirror and look up to the adoptive parents as role models. In addition, the children within the environment (school, neighborhood, and friends) play a role in their upbringing and encourage cultures. 

Information about Adoption, I’m Pregnant

We want to emphasize and acknowledge your decision is extremely tough. The stigma and judgment for mothers putting the child up for adoption shouldn’t be frowned upon. Rather, you are setting your child up for a better future and envision them growing up proud, confident, and strong. We want the best for your child and would like to extend the offer to reach out to our Nevada adoption agencies

Here are some resources we have for you to look through and help answer any further questions you have about adoption:

Pregnancy can be an overwhelming time for mothers and trying to plan for the future. For mothers, there are circumstances and situations when a newborn or pregnancy comes into this world. The decision you make ensures you can give your child a new start and flourish in what the world has to offer them.