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The Difference Between Open Adoption and Co-Parenting

By Melissa Camacho

You are a birth mother giving a child up for adoption in Reno and want to know more about open-adoption rights. Open adoption has many benefits when developing a relationship with your child and the adoptive family. Although there are benefits you get with open adoption, you will not legally be able to take as much advantage of watching over your child. However, Adoption Choices of Nevada wants our birth mothers to be aware of the limitations of choosing adoption in Nevada. We want you to know about open-adoption benefits and understand the terms of parental rights. In addition, we understand as your child’s biological mother. You want to play a role in an open adoption. As a leading adoption agency, we will help you learn about the differences between open adoption and co-parenting.

What Are My Open-adoption and Parental Rights?

There are two types of open adoption: semi-adoption and open adoption. With open adoption, you can share personal information, such as personal identity and contact information, with the adoptive family. You can agree and communicate with the adoptive family to track your child’s developmental progress. The amount of communication you want is unlimited and comes in many forms. Ways you can communicate with the adoptive family include:

  • Sharing or sending photos through mail or social media
  • Arrange face-to-face family visits periodically to visit the adoptive family and your child
  • Communicate through phone calls, messaging, and video chats 

The adoptive family can be present during your birth delivery. This can be arranged with your adoption specialist at the early stages of your adoption plan. The adoptive family can send letters and photos through an adoption agency or third party. 

You can communicate with the adoptive family through an adoption agency or third party. However, all types of communication in a semi-adoption are transmitted in a more private mode through an adoption agency or third party.

Is Co-parenting Part of the Benefits Associated with an Open-adoption?

Choosing an open adoption is not similar to co-parenting. The act of co-parenting is jointly shared parental responsibilities with the other legal parent of a child. In addition, both legal parents are not married while legally providing for their child. Therefore, Co-parenting is not part of or represents the responsibilities of open adoption. 

Your parental rights are terminated once your adoption is finalized. This means the adoptive family will take on parental legal responsibilities to care for your child. As a result, the adoptive family will need privacy to spend time and be attentive to your child’s needs. In the meantime, you can make contact agreements and exchange information with the adoptive family. However, you must adhere to the adoptive family’s parental rights. Once you launch the adoption process, you can learn about open adoption and parental rights with an adoption specialist.

Can Adoption Choices of Nevada Help Me Find an Adoptive Family for an Open-adoption?

If you need help searching for an adoptive family for your open adoption in Reno, visit our waiting families page. You can view profiles of the adoptive families featured on our site. There are so many unique qualities you will find in many adoptive parents. You will find types of adoptive families: married or single parents and LGBTQ + and same-sex couples. It depends on your preferences and the lifestyle you feel would suit your child.

Want To Learn The Most About Your Child’s Growth–Apply For Open-adoption in Reno Today!

If you are a birth mother and want to choose adoption in Reno, reach out to Adoption Choices of Nevada. You can start by asking one of our staff. I want to put my child up for adoption. How can I get an open adoption? As one of our loving and caring birth mothers, you can still be part of your child’s well-being through open adoption. The adoption journey can be a difficult experience for birth mothers going through unexpected circumstances. Choosing adoption in Nevada will provide you with resources to manage your birth delivery. 

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