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By Adoption Choices of Nevada

The Modern Adoption Process and Its Benefits in Reno

By Moki Murillo

A child’s birth can be a miraculous thing, but an unexpected pregnancy can upend one’s life. The truth is that pregnancy doesn’t always come when it is convenient. Not every birth mother is ready to raise a child or provide them a stable household. In that case, the birth mother has every right to find a better solution for their child. Thankfully, adoption in Reno and throughout Nevada has become easier for expecting parents considering adoption.

The adoption process in this country alone has changed and evolved over the years. In modern times, our adoption agencies tailor the process to be transparent and open to you, the birth mother. Adoption Choices of Nevada can even provide resources to help with the challenges of pregnancy and adoption.

How the Adoption Process Works in Reno

To begin the adoption process, you must first make contact with one of our adoption agencies. For Adoption Choices of Nevada, you must call us through the number found on our website. While adoption is our specialty, our representative will talk you through all your options. If you still want to pursue adoption, one of our specialists will help you form an adoption plan

The adoption plan is what allows the birth mother to personalize the adoption process. It allows you to choose which adoption type you wish to pursue. What resources you will have access to is also determined by your adoption plan.

Adoption Types: Open, Closed, and Everything In-Between

Your adoption type will determine the final relationship between you, your child, and the adoptive family. In a closed adoption, there is no contact between the birth mother and the adoptive family. Open adoptions, on the other hand, allow the birth mother to keep tabs on their child. You can even visit your child should their adoptive parents permit it. Semi-open adoptions are a compromise between the last two types. While there is no physical contact, the birth mother can still be updated about their child. As the birth mother, you get the final choice on which adoption type you wish to pursue.

Financial Resources for Birth Mothers Pursuing Adoption in Reno

At Adoption Choices of Nevada, we understand that being pregnant isn’t without cost. While our agency’s services are free for all birth mothers, both pregnancy and birth are not. Additionally, you still need to pay for all of life’s expenses on top of that. Thankfully, our agency has resources that can help lighten your burden.

If you are eligible, your adoption plan can cover reasonable living expenses. These expenses can include rent, utilities, phone bills, laundry, maternity clothing, transportation, and basic needs like food. We may also be able to cover your medical bills as well. This can include covering the cost of your prenatal care and the birth itself. Additionally, we can also provide free temporary housing if you don’t already have a safe shelter. While it is not ideal, the adoption process has been known to be halted by legal drama. One such example is if the birth father contests your child’s adoption in court. In cases such as these, we may also be able to cover your legal fees, even provide you counseling.

Mental Health Support for Birth Mothers During Adoption

Our agency also understands that not every burden in the adoption process is a financial one. Many of the birth mothers we work with report feelings of anxiety and guilt during the adoption process. The decision to place one’s child into adoption is, after all, a hard one to make. Often, these feelings linger even after the child is born. These negative feelings are often exacerbated by pregnancy hormones and conditions, such as postpartum depression. 

We at Adoption Choices of Nevada value the mental health of all our birth mothers. Our agency offers a variety of mental health services, such as therapy and support groups. While maintaining one’s mental health is also expensive, your adoption plan can cover the costs if you are eligible. Like our other adoption services, we will continue paying these expenses for six weeks after your child’s placement.

How Adoption Can Benefit You and Your Child

You now know how the adoption process works and what resources you could have access to. The benefits to you, the birth mother, is very evident. For approximately nine months and six weeks, most of your expenses will be paid depending on your adoption plan. Your biggest expenses, such as your medical bills and therapy, may even cost you nothing. In our experience, however, a birth mother’s biggest concern is often their child. 
Thankfully, adoption doesn’t just benefit the birth mother. We will make sure that the adoptee, your child, will be well taken care of. All of the adoptive families that sign on with us have been screened intensively. They are all legally able to adopt in Reno, and they are deemed fit enough to raise children. Of course, you don’t have to take our word for it. If you pursue an open or semi-open adoption, then you can choose which family gets to adopt your child. You can read their profiles on our website and even interview them. As the birth mother, you get to choose the family that best fits your values. You also have the right to set financial stability as your standard. After all, your child deserves to be given opportunities, such as a good education. You can make sure that your child’s new family can afford to give them that. If you choose an open adoption, you can even have a presence in your child’s life. 

Regardless of which adoption type you choose, adoption itself can be boon to both mother and child. While the choice is often difficult, the adoption process will make sure that your child has a better future. If you are thinking about adoption, call Adoption Choices of Nevada today.