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The Pros and Cons of a Semi-Open Adoption in Nevada

By Joseph DiPietro

Every birth mother wants to have full confidence in her child’s future and development. This can include the kind of relationship a birth mother will have with her child. She may have granted parental rights to an adoptive family. Despite this, a birth mother may want to remain fairly involved with her child’s life with a semi-open adoption, even if the pregnancy was unplanned.

You might be a birth mother who is looking for an assisted way to manage an adoptive relationship. If this is the case, semi-open adoption has probably been mentioned to you. At Adoption Choices of Nevada, our staff will gladly explain all the details that come with a semi-open adoption. Knowing the pros and cons of a semi-open adoption in Nevada will be a major step forward in your adoption process. We encourage you to contact our office located in Reno, Nevada for more information.

What is a Semi-Open Adoption?

A semi-open adoption is an opportunity for a birth mother to remain in contact with her child’s adoptive family while keeping her privacy. Records regarding the birth mother’s contact information, residency, finances, education, family, and more, will remain confidential. The adoptive family will not have access to such information. It’s crucial to provide the privacy a birth mother is seeking.

With this established form of privacy, the adoption agency will facilitate contact between the birth mother and the adoptive family. From then on, all letters, emails, and phone calls will be managed by our adoption agency. They are managed through an online, secure, and confidential portal called ChildConnect. This system offers the communication many birth mothers desire. It also provides the privacy that is desired.

What are the Pros of a Semi-Open Adoption?

With a balance of assured privacy and communication with the adoptive family, there are several, positive outlooks in a semi-open adoption. If you are a birth mother who is intentionally seeking the kind of privacy that allows you to observe your child’s development, a semi-open adoption is surely a great opportunity. You will see in a semi-open adoption the dedication our adoption agency will give in regard to the communication you have with the adoptive family. At Adoption Choices of Nevada, it is no burden for us to help you and the adoptive family. It is our pleasure.

When working with our adoption agency through a semi-open adoption, you will not only receive help with communication, but advice too. When making contact with the adoptive family, whether that be with a phone call or letter, don’t hesitate to ask for guidance. We are committed to maintaining your privacy. More importantly, we want the relationship with your child to flourish.

What are the Cons of a Semi-Open Adoption?

Some downsides with a semi-open adoption in Nevada can result from the lack of relationship a birth mother may want with her child. Further into the semi-open relationship, a birth mother may develop a sense of detachment. While she may be in touch with her child and the adoptive family, the privacy regulations through the adoption agency could make her feel empty. If you believe that a relationship with your child should be unfiltered, then a semi-open adoption may not be the best option. 

Another downside to a semi-open adoption is the possibility of a birth mother feeling like she does not have enough privacy. While her identity and information are kept confidential, the adoptive family may overstay their welcome with frequent calls and letters. Of course, this can be resolved with honesty and proper communication. 

The Pros and Cons of a Semi-Open Adoption in Nevada – What Works for You?

A semi-open adoption is quite unique in its possibilities. A birth mother being able to find privacy and a relationship with her child is important. A semi-open adoption is worth looking into for all birth mothers who are seeking the same opportunity. At Adoption Choices of Nevada, located in Reno, Nevada, we will be upfront with all the ups and downs that follow a semi-open adoption. It is our job to make sure you are confident with your decision, knowing it will be safe for you and your child. Remember that “giving up your baby” isn’t giving up. You are putting your child’s needs first.

Does a semi-open adoption sound like the right plan for you?

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