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The Pros and Cons of an Open Adoption in Nevada

By Joseph DiPietro

Navigating the adoption journey as a pregnant woman can be quite an experience, especially when it’s the first time. Questions regarding the relationship you will have with your child and the adoptive family can come flying in all directions. You may want to remain in full contact with the adoptive family through an open adoption but you just don’t know enough details. What are the pros and cons that come with an open adoption and how does it work?

Adoption Choices of Nevada will work at your side, explaining and managing all the details that result in a wonderful adoption experience. Your understanding of the pros and cons of open adoption in Nevada will slingshot you toward a sound decision. We welcome you to continue reading this resource, along with contacting our adoption agency for more information. 

What is an Open Adoption?

Far different than a closed adoption, open adoption is a relationship between the birth mother and the adoptive family without any filtration from our adoption agency. Every expectant mother who pursues an open adoption will have full contact with her child and the adoptive family. All phone calls, emails, letters, gifts, and visits are communicated between the adoptive family and you, leaving the relationship free to grow on a personal level.

While semi-open adoptions do have room for communication and growth, the special thing about open adoption is the raw interaction you can have with your child. Just because an open adoption gives you complete access to your child’s life does not mean you are left alone to understand life as a birth mother. Adoption Choices of Nevada will be honored to serve you during your adoption journey. You may want to know more about managing an open adoption and such resources to help you are provided by our adoption agency.

What are the Pros of an Open Adoption?

The possibilities of a fruitful open adoption relationship are numerous and at your fingertips. With free reign to communicate with the adoptive family as you please, you will be able to construct the relationship you desire. There is a wonderful, unpredictable factor to open adoption. You never know what adventures lie ahead with you and the adoptive family. If you believe your role as a birth mother could be used for influence, then surely the setup of open adoption will be in your favor.

Another point to remember about open adoptions is their flexible nature. Open adoption provides more room for communication. Despite this, you are not expected to be the world’s most extroverted birth mother. As much as you want to keep your child close in your life, the adoptive family will keep in mind the initial purpose for this adoption. You may want to keep some of your life private but remain available nonetheless. 

With proper communication, you can make your case to the adoptive family as to how outgoing you can be in an open relationship. You chose open adoption for a reason. The adoptive family knows that any absence is not performed out of resentment.

The Cons of an Open Adoption

There are possible downsides to open adoption. These could definitely stem from poor communication on the adoptive family’s part. Poor communication can go two different ways. Either the adoptive family is not getting back to your outreach or they are overstaying their welcome by constantly making contact. You may know what is best for yourself, but an adoptive family can be accustomed to different forms of communication.

Experiencing a whole new family dynamic will come with its challenges. You may have been hoping the open adoption would go one way but it instead went the other. After all, open adoption is also the choice to open up to people whom you possibly have never met. This is why an open adoption has a more unpredictable nature. The more room you give for people to know you, the higher the chances of challenges and disappointment. However, with the correct form of patience, you can find harmony with your baby’s adoptive family.

Would an Open Adoption Work for You?

Our commitment to pregnant women who work with Adoption Choices of Nevada is rooted in understanding. We take our time to make sure that every birth mother knows the rich details of adoption relationships and their possibilities. Are you an expectant mother who truly wants to pursue an open adoption? Our adoption agency will be diligent to give you the necessary information you need to move forward. Understanding the pros and cons of open adoption in Nevada will be a great first step as you complete this adoption journey. 

Do you think an open adoption is the right plan for you?

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