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The Top 4 Reasons Birth Fathers Choose Adoption

When faced with an unplanned pregnancy, birth fathers may struggle with the idea of abruptly bringing a child into the world with unfinished goals, no plan and/or no financial security. Because of these obstacles, this may lead to birth fathers considering adoption as the best decision for both himself and his child. With June right around the corner, Adoption Choices of Nevada is dedicating the month to focusing on fathers. We feel it’s important to include them in the adoption process, as birth fathers play a vital role in the adoption process. While mothers carry their babies in their stomachs, fathers carry him or her in their hearts. But if you aren’t ready to raise a child, we want you to know that this can be one of the reasons birth fathers choose adoption.

  1. Not Ready to Parent

Not everyone has the necessary tools or the desire to be a parent. Adoption offers birth parents the ability to give their children a safe, happy life, while also being able to carry on with their own lives. Raising a child is multidimensional and goes smoother with a strong support system. A lack of resources and the absence of the metaphorical “village” it takes to raise a child can heighten all of the stress and fear that accompanies parenthood. If you are a birth father and you don’t feel ready to become a parent, that’s ok. There are plenty of prospective adoptive parents in the world who have dreamed of nothing more. 

  1. No Financial Stability

There are a variety of reasons why a birth father would choose adoption. For starters, the cost of diapers, wipes, formula, and other essential baby products isn’t getting any cheaper. It is difficult enough to achieve financial stability, but add another mouth to feed and you might be finding yourself burning both ends of the candle trying to make ends meet. For those already living paycheck-to-paycheck, supporting another person simply isn’t feasible.

  1. Other Life Plans

Additionally, some birth fathers might have life plans that do not include raising a child at that moment, if at all. Everybody has different goals in life and gets thrown curveballs every once in a while; we have a right to choose how we respond to them. It’s okay to want to extend your family, but it’s also okay if you don’t. 

  1. Not with the Birth Mother anymore

Furthermore, birth fathers might be at a stage in their lives where they are not prepared to coparent. Whether it be geographical distance or an irreconcilable difference between himself and the birth mother, some birth fathers may recognize that they are not in the right place emotionally or mentally to raise a child. With choosing adoption, however, ties do not have to be completely cut with the child, as adoption offers three different levels of openness when it comes to maintaining contact with him or her and the adoptive family. Open adoption, for instance, allows birth parents to be in contact with their child on terms that work best between them and the adoptive parents.

Reasons Birth Fathers Choose Adoption

Raising a child is a huge responsibility and is not for everyone. While we may only consider a birth mother’s point of view when it comes to adoption, it is important to know that birth fathers can have a say in the matter, too, if they are known and in the picture.

Making the decision to choose adoption is a difficult and emotional one. Perhaps one of the hardest he’ll ever have to face. Yet, like the birth mother, he is brave and selfless for putting the needs of his child above his own.

As Father’s Day approaches, let us reflect on fathers and the important role they play in our lives. Birth fathers choose adoption not as an act of irresponsibility or carelessness, but to provide their child with a better life – a life where their biological parents were not ready, but their adoptive parents were waiting with unconditional love. If you are a birth father considering adoption, know that Adoption Choices of Nevada is here to support you in any way we can. You are honored, celebrated and included here. You can rest easy with us knowing that you made the right choice.


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