6 Things to Consider When Placing a Newborn Baby for Adoption   

By Jordan Smith

If you are a woman considering adoption in Nevada and are seeking information about how to make an adoption plan, then we have some helpful information for you. Adoption Choices of Nevada is a well-renowned adoption agency. We are here to provide you with all the necessary information about adoption and a number of things to consider when giving a baby up for adoption.

When going through adoption, consider some things about the process and what will be expected of you. The steps needed to complete your adoption process are something you will be guided through with full support from one of our highly specialized adoption counselors. 

What Are the Steps to Complete the Adoption Process in Nevada?  

1. Contact Adoption Choices of Nevada  

When you contact us here at Adoption Choices of Nevada, you will speak with an adoption specialist who will explain all of your options before deciding on adoption. Though the focus of your contact will be on our adoption services, we find it important that all birth mothers know all the options before making such a permanent decision. 

2. Speak with an Adoption Specialist

After you have spoken with an adoption specialist, you will be assigned your own counselor for the entirety of your adoption journey. During this time, you and your counselor will go over the different types of adoption and your preferences for potential adoptive families. Your adoption plan will then begin to be established and also discuss post-placement contact. 

3. Create an Adoption Plan

This next step in the adoption process involves the creation of the adoption plan, and your counselor will provide you with information about the resources that are offered to birth mothers. That includes housing, financial expenses, transportation, etc., and any resource that you may need, and your adoption specialist will assist you in receiving them. 

4. Choosing the Adoptive Family   

When choosing the adoptive family, your counselor will provide you with profiles of families based on your preferences. If you do not see an adoptive family, Adoption Choices of Nevada will help you narrow down the list of families until you can make your choice. In Nevada, many adoptive families work with our agency toward a Reno adoption

5. Completion of the Adoption Plan  

Upon completing your adoption planAdoption Choices of Nevada can assist you with proper prenatal and medical care and financial expenses you may need help with. Our adoption agency offers counseling throughout your entire adoption journey, from the beginning to after the baby’s placement. When you place a baby for adoption, it could bring negative emotions that you may need support through, and our adoption counselors specialize in that. 

6. Post-Placement Communication and Support-

Depending on the type of adoption you choose, Adoption Choices of Nevada will assist with communications to the adoptive family on your behalf. When giving up a child for adoption is an intense experience that you can get through, and after the baby’s birth, your counselor will be there with you. She will communicate with the adoptive family on your behalf and provide you with support during the baby’s placement. 

Adoption Choices of Nevada is Here to Help You Place Your Newborn for Adoption

Adoption Choices of Nevada works towards giving birth mothers the best adoption experience because of the emotional roller coaster it brings. The resources we provide are to ensure that you and your baby are safe and healthy throughout your pregnancy and adoption journey. The support and counseling that you’ll have do not end after the baby’s placement. In fact, you will have up to six months of post-placement support. Any resources that you receive during your adoption process will also receive up to six months post-placement.

Adoption Choices of Nevada has been providing adoption and surrogacy services across Nevada since 2012. You can call us to speak to someone now. Contact Us 24/7: 855-940-4673 (Toll-Free) | 702-474-4673 (Las Vegas) | 775-825-4673 (Reno)