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Things to Consider with an Adoption Plan in Nevada

Things to Consider with an Adoption Plan in Nevada

There are many things you can’t control during the adoption process. Things like your pregnancy being as smooth as possible, or even how it may be impacted by the current pandemic is going to go. However, there is one thing that you can control no matter what. That is your adoption plan. The one thing that is up to you to make and create to ensure you get everything you want to happen happen. The adoption journey you are on is going to be full of ups and downs. That is just the nature of adoption here in Nevada. But, at Adoption Choices of Nevada, we want the adoption process to go as smoothly as possible for you. What are things to consider with an adoption plan in Nevada, though?

What is an Adoption Plan in Nevada? 

This is a huge question. It is exactly what it sounds like. It is the plan for how you want your adoption plan to go. There are things like state laws that are out of your control, but for the most part, you are going to have a say in what you want. What goes into an adoption plan, though? 

  • The type of adoption you want to have 
  • The type of family you’d prefer 
  • Where you are giving birth to your baby 
  • The people you want involved in your adoption 
  • Where you are going to get your support from 
  • The agency you are going to work with 

Those are some things that you are going to need to have in your adoption plan. Your adoption plan can be pages long if you want, or as short as you think it needs to be. There is no right or wrong length to an adoption plan, after all. What matters is you write down all the important details. 

Let’s dive into the topics and things to consider with an adoption plan and why they are important. 

  • Types of Adoption to Consider

If you aren’t aware, there are three types of adoption to choose from. Each one has its own benefits, and it boils down to your comfort level. Every woman is going to be different, and the choice has to fit you. Don’t be afraid to talk to your adoption agency about the options, though, or even your adoption caseworker. 

    • Open adoption is when communication is done without the adoption agency’s involvement and can include pictures, texting, phone calls, visitation, and more. 
    • Semi-Open adoption is when communication is done strictly through the adoption agency. There isn’t any visitation, but pictures and letters are done. 
    • Closed adoption is when there is no communication at all between the birth mother and the adoptive parents. 

Pick which one you feel makes the most sense to you. Recent studies have shown that open adoption leads to better mental health as a whole, but that is a choice for you. At the end of the day, your comfort has to come first. 

  • Who is Involved with Your Adoption Process? 

When it comes to who is involved with your adoption plan, you get to have a say, minus the few people who legally need to know it. Knowing who is involved and who needs to know not only helps you learn where your support is coming from, but also lets your adoption caseworker know who is in the know. 

As this is going to be your support system too, it is important to know that you will never have to do this alone. If you are alone, that means the adoption agency isn’t helping. Run. No legit adoption agency will leave you high and dry during one of the hardest decisions of your life. 

  • Other Things to Consider When Planning Out Your Adoption
    • Do you want the birth father involved? Is he in the picture or not? 
    • Do you know where your support is coming from? 
    • Do you need help finding adoption support?
    • If you don’t have a counselor to talk to, do you need help locating one who understands adoption? 

What Details do You Want to Include when Planning out Your Adoption

When it comes to your adoption plan, it is a truly important document that will help guide you, but also make sure things go as smoothly as possible. If you’re in doubt about something you want, ask your adoption caseworker to help you. Knowing what you want in this adoption plan will make the whole adoption process go as smoothly as possible. 

Now that you know what to consider, are you ready to make the next step? 

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