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By Adoption Choices of Nevada

Top 10 Questions for a Birth Mother to Ask an Adoption Agency in Reno

Deciding to place your child into adoption in Nevada can be a difficult process. Here at Adoption Choices of Nevada, we know and understand the many choices you are presented with. This is why we encourage birth mothers to ask questions; we promise we have the answers to quell any doubt. Deciding on the right questions to ask can be stressful, so we have compiled a list of questions that we believe are some of the most important and relevant.

1. Why Choose Adoption? 

An unplanned pregnancy can leave you feeling scared and unsure of the future. Birth mothers can feel that this pregnancy was not in their plans for the future, and they’ve been forced into something they did not want. If you, as the birth mother, feel this way, we hope you know you have options. Choosing a pregnant adoption can eliminate the stress of having to think of options once your baby is here, as you already have an adoption plan. Adoption means as a birth mother, you do not have to worry about how your pregnancy doesn’t align with your future; the baby will be in the best hands.

2. How can I put my child up for adoption? 

If you decide to choose adoption after researching your options, you might be wondering how to take that first step. This can seem like a long and arduous process. However, if you choose adoption in Nevada as your adoption agency, we will facilitate the entire decision. By choosing a private adoption in Nevada, you are ensuring you have the most stress-free process. 

3. What are my adoption choices?

When deciding on adoption, it can seem that you have many decisions to make. Private adoption agencies, open adoption, and adoption agencies are some of the options you might have already seen. Here at Adoption Choices of Nevada, we can answer some of the questions you might have when considering options. Why consider a private adoption agency and a private adoption in Reno? A private adoption means you, the birth mother, have chosen adoption as the best option for the baby. You know the best choice for your child and what’s in their best interest. This also means you will be involved in the process and can have the option of choosing who will adopt your baby. 

4. What is an open adoption?

After you choose, you will also have the choice of having an open adoption. This means you have the choice of being involved in your baby’s life after adoption through meetings or visits. You always have the choice of whether you want to have an open adoption or not; this is one of the many benefits of choosing private adoption in Reno. 

5. How can I find adoption support?

We know choosing adoption can lead to additional questions, and we at Adoption Choices of Nevada are here to help you with anything you might need. If you choose us as your adoption agency, we can guarantee that we will be here for you through this process. You can find assistance in making an adoption plan 24/7 through our site as well as our toll-free number, 855-940-4673. We also offer a counselor that will assist you through every step if you choose adoption. As a birth mother, you are also eligible for free counseling through our agency. 

6. What are my online resources as a birth mother?

You can find another resource on our birth mother blog. This blog has many answers to the specific questions you, as the birth mother, want to ask but don’t feel comfortable asking yet. If you feel this way, please visit our blog. 

7. Can I receive financial support? 

As the birth mother, we know you have many other decisions in your life. We do not want you to feel that choosing adoption will be a financial burden. This is why when you choose Adoption Choices in Nevada, we guarantee that choosing adoption is free for you, the birth mother. When you are matched with a birth parent counselor, they will help you make a budget and get you the financial help you might need. Some of the expenses covered are Rent, utilities, and basic needs. You can visit our site for more information.

8. What are other options for financial support?

Financial expenses should be the last thing you should worry about as a birth mother. When you choose adoption, as an eligible birth mother, you won’t have to worry about any medical expenses during your pregnancy and during your postpartum recovery. We want you to feel the most comfortable during your pregnancy and focus on making the right choice for your baby. We also offer transportation support during your pregnancy. This can include support when traveling for various reasons related to the pregnancy.

9. Are there other resources available?

Adoption Choices of Nevada knows how hard this decision can be, which is why we offer various counseling options for birth parents. You have the option of choosing counseling with your birth parent counselor as well as group counseling. At group counseling, you are able to talk and receive and give support to other birth parents. This support is free of charge and can last as long as you want it to.

10. How can I take the first step?

If you are ready to take the first step to put your baby up for adoption, please contact us at Adoption Choices of Nevada. We know how to help and how to answer any of your questions.

If you have any more questions regarding placing your baby up for adoption, we are here to help. Adoption Choices of Nevada has all the resources for you as the birth mother.