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Top 4 Myths About Gestational Surrogacy

Top 4 Myths About Gestational Surrogacy

Getting ready for any huge decision can be excruciatingly intimidating, whether you’ve traversed in the field before, or you’re completely new to it. You have so much research to do, and sometimes it still doesn’t prepare you for what to expect as a gestational carrier. 

In your research, you may stumble upon some rumors regarding intended parents and gestational surrogacy in general. Some mildly speculative, some completely ridiculous. Not to worry, though. We will be debunking the top 4 myths about gestational surrogacy. 

Myth #1: Intended Parents have Control over the Gestational Carrier’s Body

This is a totally understandable concern, especially if you’re new to the gestational surrogacy journey. However, you can rest easy on this one. The agency that you’re working with will help you and your match negotiate any eventuality that may come up in the pregnancy. You and the intended parents are matched for a reason. If they want to have any control during the pregnancy, rest assured it will come through during your meeting process.

If, after that, you still have some reservations, remember: regardless of the situation, you will always, always, always be in control of your body. Your match can request that you make certain dietary choices or that you get a certain amount of sleep, but they cannot demand anything of you. If you find that your match is starting to become a bit too controlling, it may be time for you to get together and re-establish what you’re looking for out of this experience. It may also do you some good to have a mediator present,  just in case things get too heated.

Myth #2: Gestational Surrogacy is Reserved for the Wealthy

This myth is, plain and simple, completely false. While it is true that we do see news site after news site detailing the latest celebrity’s family growth done via gestational surrogacy , it is not something that is restricted to their income. While gestational surrogacy can be a tad pricey, there are many families who use gestational surrogacy through an average income. It can be done!

Myth #3: Intended Mothers seek Gestational Surrogacy to Preserve their Figure

This one is extremely untrue, and would be very distressing for a hopeful intended mother to hear. While there is, of course, a tiny percentage of women who do turn to gestational surrogacy to keep their figure, you’d be hard-pressed to actually meet one.

Most women who seek gestational surrogacy do so because they have had trouble with conceiving on their own. For some women, they’re unable to safely carry a pregnancy to term. This could be for a myriad of reasons: ectopic pregnancies, multiple miscarriages, etc. For others, they’re unable to conceive at all, and for no apparent reason. It’s a heartbreaking experience for not only her, but her partner or spouse as well. If these women could carry their own pregnancies, make no mistake: they absolutely would. 

Myth #4: Anyone can Become a Gestational Carrier

This myth is an easy one to disprove. As we’ve mentioned before, there are plenty of requirements that potential gestational carriers must meet. Depending on where you live, there may be specific requirements that you will have to meet before you can become a gestational carrier. If you’re living in the state of Nevada (or are planning to move here), and you’re hoping to become a gestational carrier, you have to have had at least one successful pregnancy and be raising children of your own. You also must pass a psychological evaluation and background check.

Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Nevada ensures that all of our gestational carriers fit both Nevada’s requirements, and that of their OBGYN and fertility specialist. We will not match intended parents with gestational carriers — or vice versa — who are unfit in any way. Likewise, if we find that either side is agreeing to the gestational journey for the wrong reasons, they’ll be shown the door. If you are interested in more information regarding the requirements of a gestational carrier, be sure to check out our resources here

Gestational Carriers

When it comes to your gestational surrogacy journey, always remember: your comfort and happiness is priority, whether you’re a gestational carrier or an intended parent. If you find that there are any issues coming up, don’t hesitate to get in contact with Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Nevada, and we’ll be sure to get things back on the right track. 

We’re there any myths about gestational surrogacy that you were surprised to see on this list? Any you were surprised not to see on this list? Leave us a comment down below!

If you’re ready to begin your gestational surrogacy journey now, please give us a call, or send us an email. We’re always happy to help anyone who is prepared to take their first step.

Be well and be safe, friends!

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