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Top 5 Surprising Facts You Did Not Know About Surrogacy

There is probably a lot that you don’t know about surrogacy andsurrogate requirements in Nevada. There is some common knowledge that some people already know, but there are a lot of surprising facts that you might not know. Since a lot goes into the surrogacy process, and it is such a long journey between the surrogate mother and the intended parents, there is a lot that goes into it.

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Traditional Surrogacy is Illegal in Most States

This is something that many people don’t talk about because many people don’t know that there are different types of surrogacy. The more common type of surrogacy is gestational surrogacy, where you, as the surrogate mother, will carry the intended parents’ biological baby. You will not be genetically connected to this baby, but you will be giving the intended parents a baby that they may have only dreamed of having due to medical boundaries.

Traditional surrogacy is where you as the surrogate mother are the egg donor. Your egg will be combined with whomever’s sperm to create the embryo. This could be the sperm of a single man who wants to raise a child on his own, one partner of a same-sex male couple, or an intended mother’s partner because she is incapable of producing healthy eggs. You will have a biological connection with the baby you are carrying through traditional surrogacy.

The reasoning behind its many state bannings is because of the legal messiness that can occur between you and the intended parents. Since you will be biologically connected to the baby, there could be legal complications and many more processes that need to occur due to the legalities of traditional surrogacy. These legalities include termination of parental rights for you and the option for stepparent adoption. This type of surrogacy has a higher legal risk, especially for the intended parents, so the banning of traditional surrogacy is for the legal safety of the intended parents and their baby. This being illegal in most states will also alleviate the intended parents’ worries and stresses.

You Will Take Birth Control Pills Before Your Surrogate Process

You will take birth control to sync with the intended mother’s monthly cycle before the IVF and ET treatments and procedures are done. Taking birth control pills is a part of the surrogacy process in Nevada. This may seem odd because you may have taken birth control pills in the past to halt a pregnancy from occurring, but in the surrogacy process, birth control pills actually help your pregnancy. You may have to take birth control pills to get ready for your pregnancy before the IVF treatment and embryo transfer in the surrogacy process.

Taking birth control pills will sometimes be used when the embryo is freshly created. The birth control pills will help sync your body with the intended mother’s cycle, making it easier for her egg to match up with your uterus and body. This will also help the embryo transfer be more successful.

Monetary Compensation for the Surrogate Mother

Many surrogate mothers choose to become surrogate mothers because they are selfless individuals who want to help intended parents who can’t have a baby on their own and need outside help. As a surrogate mother, you may want to just start this journey because of the good feeling you feel because of the help you are lending, but there is monetary compensation for you as a surrogate mother.

Being a surrogate mother is a huge responsibility, so you deserve to be paid for doing such an amazing cause. Prices vary from agency to agency. If you would like to know how much we can offer here at Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Nevada, contact us! We can give you information on compensation for surrogate mothers. There are all different surrogacy experiences and ways that you can be compensated for your sacrifice, so contact us to see your options.

You Have to Have Carried One Pregnancy to Term to Qualify as a Surrogate Mother

There is a whole list of surrogacy requirements that you have to follow to qualify to become a surrogate mother. One of which is that you have to have carried at least one pregnancy successfully to term with no major complications. This is all for the safety of you, the surrogacy mother, and the baby. It will also alleviate worry from the intended parents and the doctors as well because they will have peace of mind that you had a successful pregnancy in the past.

This is a surprising surrogacy fact because many of the women who become surrogate mothers are pregnant for the first time in a lot of Hollywood movies. This would never happen in real life. A lot of people have gotten their surrogacy facts from these Hollywood movies, which is not good because a lot of them are inaccurate. Many of them are only made to be entertaining, and the accuracy of the surrogate process is at the bottom of their priority.

Psychological Evaluations are a Surrogacy Requirement

As a surrogate mother, you will have to undergo psychological evaluations to make sure you are mentally healthy and ready to become pregnant. You have to be ready to go through such a rare and emotional journey that you have no idea what you are getting yourself into. This is a more emotional journey than your personal pregnancy because although many surrogate mothers don’t grow an attachment to the intended parents’ baby they are carrying, they may feel an overwhelming weight of emotions.

Going through psychological evaluations is important because it will help the doctors make sure that you have good mental health. Your doctor wants to make sure that you don’t have any mental health issues that could affect the surrogacy pregnancy. It is really important to keep your mental health in check during the entire surrogate process because if you’re not doing well mentally, you could be jeopardizing the intended parents’ baby’s growth and development. Your mental health could mess with your healthy living habits, and keeping your lifestyle healthy is very important when it comes to carrying someone else’s baby.

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There are a lot of facts about the surrogacy process, but these are some of the most surprising ones. These are all a big part of the surrogacy journey, and there are so many more where that came from. There are so many parts that go into the surrogacy process, so we know how much these facts can be for you to learn about.

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