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Tough Decisions in Reno: Will I Regret Choosing Adoption?

By Vanessa Martínez

Adoption Choices of Nevada knows that sometimes pregnancy is the furthest thing from your mind when it’s thrown into your life. An unplanned pregnancy or an unwanted one can truly throw a wrench into your life that seems impossible to handle. Maybe you are looking for options for your pregnancy and are considering adoption, but you’re scared of the consequences of this choice. We know that this can seem like a daunting choice, but we’re here to help you work through your emotions.

Why Would I Feel Regret if I Choose Adoption?

If you are pregnant and are searching for viable options, you might have searched, ‘adopt my baby,’ and you’re worried about what this decision may bring. A pregnancy is not always a source of joy when finding out the news. Sometimes, hearing this, especially depending on the stage of life you’re in, can bring a lot of negative emotions. If you are looking for unexpected pregnancy help and decide on adoption for your baby, a lot of emotions are triggered. 

Experiencing these emotions is a normal, expected part of choosing adoption. You might experience regret over your choice of putting your child up for adoption. This is an extremely hard choice, and sometimes, looking back on hard decisions in your life, you will wish to have made the other choice. It is hard to know now if you will regret your decision in the future. Regret can come from many different avenues; for example, you might regret not having researched your options more. Or maybe you’ll regret not having looked at multiple adoption agencies in Nevada to have known of the options. Adoption Choices of Nevada doesn’t know if you’ll regret your choice, but we do know that we can offer you support and knowledge throughout and after the entire process.

How Can I Know That Adoption Is the Right Option?

When choosing adoption, it’s important to be informed of the entire adoption process and your options. We feel that this way, you can curb regret that might be brought on by lack of information and the feeling that you went into this process blind. As the birth mother, you have different options for your adoption plan. It is vital to be informed of these options.

One of these choices is knowing whether you want an open, semi-open, or closed adoption. It’s important to know the difference between these choices so in the future, you will be confident in having made the right decision. An open adoption means you, the birth parent, and the adoptive family have full contact with everyone. This is an open line of communication between the baby and yourself. A semi-open adoption means there is contact but only through the adoption agency or an attorney. Closed adoption means there is absolutely no contact whatsoever between anyone.

Knowing all of the adoption info can mean the difference between you feeling or not feeling regret in the future. It’s important to know also that what seems like a good choice now may change in the future. However, if you are confident in your choice, then you won’t regret not being confident in the future. 

Choosing Adoption and My Resources

Sometimes regret is not brought on by your decisions, but by knowing if circumstances were different, you wouldn’t have decided on adoption for your baby. Maybe when you chose adoption, you didn’t have the proper support system for your baby, and now you do. Or perhaps, at the time, being a parent just wasn’t an option for you. These are all things that are outside of your control, and we do not know if these feelings will bring regret to your mind.

However, we do know that when you choose us as your adoption agency, out of all the adoption agencies, you’ll make the right choice. Here at Adoption Choices of Nevada, we offer resources to the birth parents during the pregnancy and even after the baby is born. These resources include a birth counselor who will be available to talk about your feelings and emotions during this process. This birth counselor is also available to give you advice if you are feeling regret already or maybe doubt in your choice. 

You are in Control of Your Adoption Journey

We don’t know if you’ll experience these emotions during your pregnancy or after your baby is born. We do know that we are here to help and guide you in every step of the way of your adoption process with any resources or support you might need. If you are researching local adoptions or have any questions about your adoption plan, please reach out to us at Adoption Choices of Nevada.