Transracial Adoption in Reno: Should I Choose a Black Family for My White Child?

By: Jordan Smith 

If you are pregnant and considering adoption, Adoption Choices of Nevada strives to give you the proper information about transracial adoptions and their benefits of them. Transracial adoption is when an adoptee is one race, and the adoptive parents are a different race. 

We encourage birth mothers to come into the adoption process with an open mind and to choose the adoptive family that best resonates with them. Doing this will give you a better understanding of diversity and its benefits as well.

What are the Qualities Birth Mothers Should Consider?  

There are some qualities that birth mothers should think of when considering transracial adoption. Such as, are the adoptive parents willing to take a white child? Will they teach the child about diversity? How would bullying be dealt with? Here is a list of other necessary qualities that birth mothers should think about when considering adoption. 

  • What are Their Careers?
  • Do they have other Transracial Children?
  • Do they have other children of their Race?
  • Where do they Live?
  • Would the Child go to Public School?
  • Family History
  • Lifestyle/Habits

So What are the Benefits of Transracial Adoption?   

When considering transracial adoption, it is important for you to know the different benefits it could bring. Adoption Choices of Nevada wants you to be fully informed about these benefits, so you understand the positivity that comes from transracial adoptions. 

The examples that are shared below are some of the benefits transracial adoptions can bring to home life and the community. Adoption Choices of Nevada will guide you through the process of transracial adoption, and just know that you make the decision on whichever adoptive family you see fit. 

  1. Diversity
  2. Open-Mindedness 
  3. No Secrets in the Family
  4. The Need for Transracial Adoptions

What are the Steps in Transracial Adoptions?  

Adoption Choices of Nevada has a step-by-step method that’s used to be thorough in each adoption and clarify great adoption placements. We have had a good system going on here, and it has landed happy adoptive families and adoptees. Numbered below are the steps that we take here at Adoption Choices of Nevada, and you will have support from an adoption specialist through the whole process. 

1. Create an Adoption Plan

After you have contacted Adoption Choices of Nevada and have met with your adoption specialist, you will then begin making your adoption plan. This is the time when you go over with your counselor what type of adoption you would feel most comfortable with. Also, this is when you can express what your family preferences are, and Adoption Choices of Nevada will then narrow down the adoptive family list based on those preferences. 

2. Choose an Adoptive Family

Choosing an adoptive family is a time for you to think of those qualities that were mentioned previously. Adoption Choices of Nevada will assist you through this process and guide you to adoptive families that you connect with. Based on your specific preferences, we will be able to show you adoptive families that best match what you are looking for in an adoptive family.

3. Complete Adoption Plan/ Matching Process

Adoption Choices of Nevada will offer you necessary assistance, such as housing, prenatal care, etc. This is the time you will want to express to your adoption specialist if you are indeed in need of any assistance. Now after your adoption plan is complete, Adoption Choices of Nevada will help you by facilitating communication with the adoptive family. Depending on what type of adoption you have, this will be very helpful for you either way, as your adoption specialist is there to help you. 

To have all the information about transracial adoptions we find is very important when coming into your adoption process. The qualities that birth mothers should think of are natural in the aspect of what you’d want to know about adoptive families. Benefits can come from transracial adoptions, and Adoption Choices of Nevada works hard to make positive placements no matter skin color. As for the step-by-step process, it has proved time and again to work nicely for all parties of the adoption plan and for every unique birth mother. 

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