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By Adoption Choices of Nevada

Transracial Adoption: Issues That May Arise

By Jordan Smith 

If you are pregnant and considering giving a baby up for adoption, having all the information about transracial adoption and its process is important. This information is important because you should know and understand all the options you will have. Adoption Choices of Nevada will provide you with top-notch adoptive families to choose from, and if you come into this process with an open mind, your options will be greater. 

Transracial adoptions are beneficial in bringing diversity into your home. Here at Adoption Choices of Nevada, we will support you throughout the adoption process and after the baby’s placement. There are specific qualities birth mothers should consider when starting an adoption plan, ultimately bringing for a rock-solid adoption placement. 

What are the Qualities Birth Mothers Should Consider for Transracial Adoptions?  

When you are searching for an adoptive family, there are several things you could take into consideration. For example, do they have pets? Do they have other children? and so forth. Adoption Choices of Nevada finds that these kinds of questions will lead to a comfortable placement of the baby, and you will have further confidence in your decision. 

  • Family History
  • Do They Have any Pets
  • Do They Have Other Children
  • Cultural Background/Differences
  • What Do They do for Work
  • Where Do They Live
  • How Old are They
  • Potential Habits/Lifestyle

Based on the adoptive parent’s profile, you will have access to all the information that Adoption Choices of Nevada gathered. The information we collect is necessary for your determination in a potential adoptive family, so you can learn more about them. Some issues could arise when searching for an adoptive family, but there are ways to get past them.

What are the Issues that Could Arise When Looking for an Adoptive Family?  

1. Being Left Out of Family or Friends

One issue that could arise is the concern of the adoptive child being left out during family events or with friends. Transracial adoption could have something such as this happen, but there is a way to get past it. Such as, the adoptive parents are open-minded in taking on the baby as a responsibility. They would, of course, express their care for the adoptive child to their family and friends, and with that, their family and friends will too. 

2. Family Has Cultural Differences

If the adoptive family has cultural differences, there can be ways to get past something like this. Adoption Choices of Nevada will guide you through this, and your counselor can ask the adoptive parents questions that you may have. Such as, “What kind of religion do they practice?”, “Do they submit their children to a specific culture?” such as following a specific god or practicing a specific religion. 

If you like everything you’ve learned about an adoptive family but are having doubts because of something of this nature, we just ask that you have an open mind. Coming into adoption with an open mind will give you more opportunities to find an adoptive family. 

3. Concerns about Bullying

Adoption Choices of Nevada understands where the concern of bullying comes from, and we have some ways to try and get past that. Bullying comes with being a parent, and when you are in a transracial family, some things could be said to help your adoptive child understand. For example, have conversations with the adoptive child, explaining that just because they look different, it does not mean that they aren’t his/her parents. Having talked with your children will make for them to handle situations of bullying a lot better.

What are the Steps Adoption Choices of Nevada goes through w/ Adoptive Families and the Matching Process?

  1. Screening: Adoption Choices of Nevada conducts thorough screening of potential adoptive families. Doing this is to get to know the adoptive parents and their household on a more personal level. During this time, we gather vital information about each adoptive family that provides more information about them in their profile. 
  2. Home Study: Our adoption specialist will perform a home study for our adoptive families, and doing this will give us critical information about the family’s home life. We will provide you with the information about their home etc., in their profile during the time of choosing an adoptive family. 
  3. Certified through Nevada to Adopt: Our adoptive families will gain their certification to adopt in the state of Nevada when their adoption process has concluded. This will be the time for them to wait for an adoption match and then go through the process of adopting the child. 
  4. Process: At Adoption Choices of Nevada, the matching process is part of your adoption plan to connect you and the adoptive family. Of course, this depends on what type of adoption you choose, but with open adoption, you can communicate with the adoptive family. 

The matching process is based on your specific preferences about the adoptive family you see fit. Once your adoption plan is complete, you will understand the adoptive family better.

We are Here to Help You with All Your Transracial Adoption Needs

Adoption Choices of Nevada finds transracial adoption to be a great choice for adoptive families. We strive for our birth mothers and adoptive families to begin the adoption process with an open mind. The qualities that birth mothers should consider when looking for an adoptive family are not complicated but rather important for you and the decisions in finding an adoptive family, just like the steps for potential families to take to become certified adoptive parents in the state of Nevada. Adoption Choices of Nevada has these steps in place to make for a positive placement of adopted babies, and the matching process is there to solidify their matched placements. 

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