Types of Adoption in Las Vegas

By Syd Sukalski

You’re under a lot of stress due to your unplanned pregnancy, and there’s a lot to consider when constructing your adoption plan. A pivotal choice comes when you contemplate which family will adopt your baby. You may be sifting through tons of different profiles with different types of families, but which one is the one for your child? Don’t worry. Let’s talk about adoptive families and what you should consider when choosing the right one for you and your birth child. 

But first, let us introduce ourselves.

Adoption Choices of Nevada has adoption agencies all over the state. We specialize in helping birth parents create an adoption plan for their children. Give us a call or check out our adoption agencies in Las Vegas to get started on your adoption plan or if you’re wondering how to place your baby for adoption. We also remind you that, by making this choice, you are not “giving up” a child for adoption. Adoption is an act of love. There is no giving up involved.

Now, let’s talk about adoption.

Types of Adoption in Las Vegas

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably interested in the types of families who adopt. But, outside of the family, there are three types of adoption in Las Vegas. Each of these three types differs in the level of communication that you will have with your birth child after the adoption. In an open adoption, you and your birth child’s family will communicate openly. Semi-open adoption allows communication, but it all happens through the adoption agency. Finally, in a closed adoption, you will not have contact with your birth child’s family. As the birth mother, you choose the type of adoption you want. If you choose open or semi-open adoption, you also get to choose the family who will adopt your child.

Who Decides to Adopt?

If you’ve seen the profiles of our waiting families, you know that different types of families choose to adopt. Some include traditional mom/dad couples, same-sex couples, military couples, transracial couples, and more. Anyone may decide that adoption is right for them and their family for several reasons, but one thing always remains the same. You may have an unexpected pregnancy, but it is not an unwanted pregnancy. A family is waiting to love your baby, and by choosing adoption, you are helping build a loving home for them and their adoptive parents.

What Should I Consider When Choosing an Adoptive Family?

When considering which family you want to adopt your child, you might consider whether you prefer your child’s adoptive parents to come from a particular ethnic or religious background or maintain a certain lifestyle. You might also think about the level of discipline, their parenting style, or whether they have children already. All of these factors are things you can see when looking at the adoptive parents’ profiles.

How Do I Know My Child Will Go to a Good Home?

We prescreen all of the families you see on our website. They have to undergo what is called a home study. This process is not only an analysis of your child’s potential family members and their living space, but it also goes into background checks and ensuring financial stability. We want to ensure your child goes to a good home, so we check that our prospective adoptive families can grant this.

How Do I Begin the Adoption Matching Process?

To begin the matching process, go to our website and check out the page called “Waiting Families.” Once you find a family you like, talk to your adoption caseworker, who will set up a meeting between you and your child’s potential adoptive parents. 

We understand. The adoption process can be daunting, and you might be unsure where your child would live the best, happiest life. You may contemplate all sorts of things while you try to make this decision, but remember that every family you consider wants to love your child and build them into their family.

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