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“Types of Adoption” Outside of Openness

By Felix Miyago 

Navigating through the adoption journey isn’t easy and can feel overwhelming. For birth mothers unsure about an unplanned pregnancyAdoption Choices of Nevada wants to help you with the adoption process and provide information.  

It’s important to understand the differences in adoption agencies and the services to consider. For example, the adoption process Nevada goes through may offer adoption options different from those provided by adoption agencies in Reno. We’d like to give clarity and offer insights into the difference between the variety of options for adoption. 

Please note the information provided by Adoption Choices of Nevada is specifically for general knowledge and providing understanding. The context given does not constitute legal advice from Adoption Choice of Nevada. Instead, we recommend consulting with an adoption attorney for any specific legal guidance regarding their situation. 

Types of Adoptive Families

Each family holds varying structures and considerations on its dynamic. There are a few things to consider for adoptive families, there are no expectations set and rules. Rather the types of adoptive families listed are to showcase and highlight them, sharing insights for birth mothers considering an open adoption.

These family dynamics include:

  • Parenting styles. This could mean the ethnic background the adoptive parents come from. It also includes focusing on creating independence while providing guidance, along with giving a loving and stable environment. Every family dynamic has a different type of parenting style, so it’s important to get to know prospective adoptive parents. 
  • LGBTQ+ families. These families prefer to settle down and create stability with a steady job. Once they feel ready, it’s time to start a family and provide the adoptive child a stable home environment.   
  • Families with existing children. Some families are looking to expand their families and want to provide the adoptive child with a sense of connection. Having an adoptive child welcomed into a family with children, could open up a long-lasting friendship.

Families may involve one or many of the listed family dynamics. Additionally, every family has a distinct and diverse structure of what a family means to them. To learn more information about family dynamics, there are adoption agencies such as Washoe County adoption, Las Vegas adoption, and Nevada adoption centers. 

Understanding the Difference Between Domestic and International Adoption

In addition to adoptive families, there are two different adoption options for adoptive parents: domestic and international adoption. Between the two, there are some differences and explanations for adoptive parents to understand. 

Domestic Adoption

Domestic adoption is when the adoptive child has the same citizenship as the prospective adoptive parents in the country. For the adoptive child, the sense of worrying about going to a different country is addressed.

International Adoption

International adoption is when the adoptive child has a different citizenship compared to the prospective adoptive parents in the country. Additionally, the adoptive child’s country of origin is different from the adoptive family. 

There are factors when considering which avenue to take for adoption: 

  • Age of the adoptive child. Adopting a newborn or young infant can be easier for domestic adoption. Children adopted internationally would require being cleared for adoption by the country. 
  • Waiting time. The process for domestic adoption requires medical, family, and social background on the child. In comparison to international adoption, foster care facilitates the adoptive process and orphanages provide the information. 
  • Adoption laws. U.S. adoption laws differ from international adoption laws. For example, domestic adoption laws will vary based on the state the prospective adoptive parents and the birth mother are residing in. At the same time, international laws will be revised or changed every year from country to country. Some countries have banned adoptions in the US, so it’s important to research the country. 

Lastly, it’s important to do due diligence when researching agencies from another country. Ensure that the agency is reputable and the service provided matches your chosen adoption. 

Seeking Information About Adoption in Nevada

If you are a birth mother seeking guidance through an unplanned pregnancy,  Adoption Choices of Nevada has more information about how to put your baby up for adoption. Giving you a walkthrough about the adoption plan, you can create as the birth mother. We have adoption specialist who are up-to-date with the adoption laws and have helped many birth mothers connect with adoptive families. We’d like to support you through the journey of the adoption process and give you information to help you make an informed decision.