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By Adoption Choices of Nevada

Understanding and Dispelling Adoption Misconceptions in Nevada

By Lily Spertus

If you are a pregnant woman considering adoption in Nevada, you may have all sorts of thoughts going through your head regarding the adoption process. Adoption is an incredibly personal choice for birth mothers and adoptive families that may bring about all kinds of emotions. Though adoption is increasingly accepted in the United States, stigmas and misconceptions about adoption can cause anxiety or hesitation for those involved. If you are considering adoption in Nevada, you deserve to make an informed decision when considering placing your child for adoption free of these misconceptions. In this article, we will dispel common misconceptions about adoption and provide you with the reality of these myths.

Placing a child for adoption means I am abandoning them.

One of the most common misconceptions about adoption is that birth mothers “give up” their babies. This is why it is important to utilize Positive Adoption Language (PAL) when discussing adoption. As a birth mother, you are not “giving up” or “abandoning” your child. No birth mother takes the decision of adoption lightly—in fact, your choice is a demonstration of the utmost level of love and selflessness. Children deserve to grow up in homes where they can be supported in all aspects of life, and every birth mother’s decision to make an adoption plan shows a desire to give their baby just that. Adoption takes a lot of courage, and with this decision, you are prioritizing the interests of your child.

All birth mothers placing children for adoption are teenagers.

Birth mothers all have their own unique circumstances, all of which deserve to be treated with respect. While some birth mothers are teenagers experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, others are adults starting their careers, or older women who feel adoption is best for their child. If you are pregnant and looking for adoption help, Adoption Choices of Nevada will give you the support you need during the adoption process, no matter if you are a teenager or a mother who already has children.

Birth mothers have no say in choosing the adoptive family.

Ultimately, adoption is your decision, and you deserve to feel empowered in that choice. Birth mothers seeking adoption in Nevada (Reno) have every right to personally choose a loving home for their baby. Adoption agencies will provide you with profiles of potential adoptive families who have undergone an extensive screening process to make sure they will provide a supportive and nurturing environment for a child. This will allow you to pick whomever best aligns with your values and the life you wish to give your child.

Birth mothers will be judged for choosing adoption.

Adoption Choices of Nevada is a judgment-free environment that hopes to provide you with the support you need during an unplanned pregnancy. Choosing adoption is truly the ultimate display of love for you child—you are putting them in stable circumstances and giving them the best life possible. Adoption is an incredibly personal choice, and every birth mother deserves to take the time to make the right decision for them. You deserve to feel empowered during your pregnancy and in your adoption journey.

I will never hear from my child again after the adoption.

Closed adoptions are not the only option. While closed adoptions were more common in the past—where there was no ongoing contact maintained between birth parents and adoptive families, this is not the case today. Open adoptions are increasingly popular, and birth mothers are able to maintain a relationship with their child if they would like. Adoption Choices of Nevada can facilitate an open adoption and negotiate your preferred level of contact if you are looking to maintain connection with your child as they grow up.

I will regret my choice.

Adoption is a difficult decision that will come with complex emotions, and know that this is completely warranted. Adoption Choices of Nevada will provide you with counseling and support services to give you the space to process these emotions. You will have this support during the adoption process into the time post-adoption. While there can be difficult emotions during this process, most birth mothers do not regret the decision of adoption. Adoption only shows how committed you are to the care and growth of your child.

When considering adoption, it is important that you have access to accurate information as you make your decisions. Adoption Choices of Nevada understands the need for this transparency and is here to work through any questions or concerns you may have. Adoption is no easy decision for anyone, but remember that it is a selfless choice. You should choose the path that is best for you and your baby.