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Understanding Baby Safe Havens – A Guide For Birth Mothers In Nevada

By Connor Shelton

Do I want to put my child up for adoption? That’s the question you’re probably asking yourself as you face an unexpected pregnancy. Pregnancy is a potentially terrifying thought for some women. But it is a fear that is completely understandable. Perhaps you don’t have the resources needed to care for a baby. Maybe you’re not ready to be a parent or don’t ever want to be one. Whatever your motivation for considering adoption, know that you are not alone. Millions of other women have chosen adoption for various reasons, some similar to your own. 

One of the reasons few are willing to touch upon when discussing adoption is domestic abuse. It’s not an environment you want to raise a child in. While adoption agencies can help you ensure your child’s safety, it isn’t 100% guaranteed. In a dangerous environment, we do our best to get the birth mother out of the house. Your partner usually won’t find you in this scenario, but we know that won’t strip the fear away. There’s a very good chance it could consume you.

While there’s nothing we can do to mitigate that fear (beyond our counseling services), there are outside means of protection. In situations where you worry the birth father will find out about adoption in Nevada, you can always turn to Baby Safe Havens to protect the child. Here’s what you need to know.

What is a Baby Safe Haven? 

A baby safe haven is a location where you can safely and legally give up your baby. You can typically find one at either a hospital or a fire station. They can also be located at maternity homes, police stations, pregnancy centers, and ambulance stations.

When it comes to baby safe havens, one typically gives their baby to a provider in person. With a baby box, however, this isn’t required. You can place a baby in the baby box if you are scared to come face to face with a safe haven provider. The box is typically located outside on an exterior wall of the designated safe haven. It contains a temperature-controlled hospital bassinet.

If you plan on putting your baby in a baby box, know that it automatically locks when the baby is placed inside, and the drawer is shut. Additionally, an alarm will go off once the baby is in the box so that the safe haven’s staff can access the bassinet. If you take your baby to a safe location that isn’t a hospital, your baby will be brought to the nearest medical center for an examination and care.

What Happens After I Place My Baby In A Safe Haven Box?

After your baby is placed in a safe haven box, the provider is alerted. The baby is taken to a hospital to be checked out. It will then be turned over to the state foster care system/child welfare department. Assuming the baby is healthy, the authorities will work to ensure your child is adopted as soon as possible. This process can be sped up if you choose to meet a designated professional at a baby safe haven instead of using the box. It might result in you spending more time at the haven than you’d like, but it’ll assure the authorities that you didn’t abandon your baby. Any signs of harm or neglect, however, can leave you liable to prosecution for child endangerment.

The other thing to know when placing a baby up for adoption via a safe haven box is that you are relinquishing your rights as a birth parent. These rights typically aren’t terminated by the court for at least a month. As a result, you have an opportunity to come forward and reclaim parental rights should you change your mind about adoption.

Choosing adoption in Las Vegas over a safe haven?

While there is nothing wrong with you choosing to drop your baby off at a safe haven, there are drawbacks to the system. You can’t give up any child older than 45 days, you won’t be able to choose who your child goes to, and you won’t have any contact with them. If you choose to go through a closed adoption, however, you won’t have to worry about some of those things. Additionally, you’ll be offered physical, mental, and (potentially) financial support if you go through a proper adoption. Noble as safe havens might be, they won’t offer the kind of help we can.

Baby Safe Haven or Personalized Adoption?

There are pros and cons to both Baby Safe Havens and personalized adoptions in Las Vegas. The Safe Haven would allow you anonymity and ensure your baby isn’t discovered by a potentially abusive partner. An adoption plan gives you a chance to choose who your child goes to and will give you access to mental health services. In either case, your baby will be safe and looked after. That’s the most important thing as you navigate through your unplanned pregnancy. Whatever your choice, Adoption Choices of Nevada will be here for you.

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