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Understanding Nevada Birth Mothers Who Choose Adoption

By Tyra Watts

An adoption is an option that every birth mother has a right to. It is one of three unwanted pregnancy options birth mothers can choose from, with the other two being the termination of pregnancy (aka an abortion) or carrying the baby to term and becoming a parent. Adoptions are very common within the United States of America, especially in Nevada. If you are interested in giving up a child for adoption and would like to know why birth mothers choose adoption, then you should know that Adoption Choices of Nevada has been providing adoption and surrogacy services across Nevada since 2012.

When It Comes To Adoption, What Happens?

When it comes to adoption in Reno, many birth mothers undergo an adoption process. It is a six-step process to ensure that the child will be placed with a safe and loving adoptive family. For starters, the birth mother would have to contact a local adoption agency, where you would talk to a birth parent counselor. Next, if you want to continue with the adoption, you should get started on your adoption plan. You will then create your adoption plan and choose the type of adoption you want (open, closed, and semi-open), the adoptive family, the birth plan, and much more. Then, you will select your adoptive family. After that, you complete your adoption plan. Adoption Choices of Nevada will help you with financial assistance and provide support counseling when needed. Lastly, your adoption is finalized. Our adoption agencies will remain in contact with you after everything is completed.  

Why Do Birth Mothers Choose Adoption?

Birth mothers choose adoption for numerous reasons. Besides being a part of the unwanted pregnancy options, birth mothers choose adoption because… 

1. Parenthood is Not for Them

Parenthood is not for everyone. It takes a lot to ensure you are ready to raise a child. A child needs someone responsible and can depend on them. Sometimes birth mothers are not ready for that kind of responsibility. This is why they choose adoption because they know that there is an adoptive family out there who is ready to raise a child. 

2. They Are Going Through Financial Issues

Raising a child is very expensive, especially in this economy. Therefore, ensuring you are financially prepared to have children is important. Unfortunately, a lot of birth mothers experience financial issues and realize that they cannot afford to raise a child, especially if they’re on their own. A wonderful thing about adoption is that we can provide financial assistance during and after the adoption is finalized. This includes rent, utilities, groceries, laundry, maternity clothing, and much more. 

3. They Want What’s Best For The Child

One of the important things about raising a child is to raise a child in a good environment where they can grow and thrive. This would bring a positive upbringing for the child and a positive influence. However, not every birth mother is going to provide all of this. As stated earlier, they know that there is an adoptive family out there who is ready to raise a child and give them the best childhood possible. 

4. They Want To Help Others Start A Family

There are families out there who are interested in starting a family, but they cannot for many reasons (e.g., the mother cannot get pregnant). There are also birth mothers who would love to help make an adoptive family’s dreams come true. What is important to birth mothers is that adoption is something you should consider seriously. Not a lot of people are aware of how big of a decision this is. As long as you are fully aware and okay with adoption, our adoption agencies in Nevada will assist you with the adoption.

We at Adoption Choices of Nevada Are Here To Help

Adoption is not always easy, especially adoption in Reno. If you need support during the adoption process, our Nevada adoption agencies will be by your side 100%. You do not have to go through this alone. We are all in this together, and we all want what’s best for you, the child, and the adoptive family.

If you are interested in placing your child for adoption or want to learn more about adoption, then you can get into contact with Adoption Choices of Nevada and call us to speak to someone now. Contact Us 24/7: 855-940-4673 (Toll-Free) | 702-474-4673 (Las Vegas) | 775-825-4673 (Reno) | 775-884-4673 (Carson City).