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Understanding Why Birth Mothers Choose Adoption

By Alexandra Butcher

Life is a series of unplanned events that you learn to adapt to and overcome. One of these events might be an unplanned pregnancy. They are more common than people believe and often come at stressful times. Sometimes, birth mothers are not ready to take on the role and responsibility of motherhood in their daily lives, which is why our adoption agency, Adoption Choices of Nevada, provides birth mothers with the resources they need to thrive throughout the adoption process.

However, we understand that some birth mothers may be unsure about giving their baby up for adoption and fall prey to the misconceptions of adoption that are so widely spread in the media. If you are a birth mother considering adoption in Nevada, read on to see some of the most common reasons why birth mothers choose adoption.

4 Reasons Why Birth Mothers in Nevada Choose Adoption

1. Birth Mothers May Not Be Financially Stable

Although it may seem like a superficial reason, pregnancy and raising a child is a costly process. Many birth mothers, especially those who experience an unplanned pregnancy, are not financially capable of supporting and raising a child. Unplanned pregnancies create financial strain and may come at a time where there is no room in the budget for the huge expense of raising a child.

2. The Baby Was a Result of Sexual Assault or Abuse

Unfortunately, not all babies are conceived because of love between two healthy and happy partners. Sexual assault is the harsh truth of many unplanned pregnancies. Many birth mothers may not want to raise their child because of the trauma that they endured as a result of sexual assault. This doesn’t make you selfish. It makes you strong for acknowledging this limitation but still wanting to do the best for your child. Sexual assault or abuse is a traumatizing experience and sometimes, it is best for a birth mother to separate themselves from their baby.

3. Lack of Emotional Support

Many birth mothers are going through the pregnancy process on their own and lack a true support system. Pregnancy and motherhood are hard enough as it is, but not having a support system could be detrimental. Birth mothers need love and support, too. Sometimes, it’s simply not possible to raise a child on your own, and it is completely okay to acknowledge this and choose adoption as the best choice for your baby and their future.

4. The Birth Mother is Simply Not Ready

Motherhood is a huge step in life and will change your daily routine. It’s okay to not be ready for such a huge change and to make the brave decision of choosing adoption in Nevada. Not being ready is a good enough reason as to why you are choosing adoption. Don’t let shame stop you from making the best choice for both you and your baby. There are thousands of people out there who are ready to raise a child and are ready to give your baby a safe and loving home and future.

A Birth Mother’s Emotional Journey Through a Nevada Adoption

Birth mothers may go through many different emotions throughout their adoption process. You may feel grief or loss at certain times, but don’t let these feelings discourage you from the courageous decision you have made. Remember why you chose adoption in the first place, and understand that this is a good opportunity for your child to be raised by loving parents who are handpicked by you!

Adoption is a complex decision that you make after considering many different aspects of your life. At the end of the day, you are a resilient and selfless person who made the best decision for your child to ensure they get the future they deserve. Adoption Choices of Nevada is here to help you throughout this courageous journey.

Starting Your Adoption Journey in Nevada as a Birth Mother

If you are still considering adoption in Las Vegas or any part of Nevada and are seeking pregnancy adoption help, reach out to Adoption Choices of Nevada today! As an adoption agency, our mission is to provide you with a stress-free and uniquely tailored adoption plan that will make the adoption process as smooth as possible for you and your baby. Remember that adoption is one of your real choices and you deserve to be celebrated for making such a sacrificial decision for your child. In this life, you are a real life superhero!