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By Adoption Choices of Nevada

Unplanned Pregnancy? Bad Circumstances? Consider Adoption!

By: Moki Murillo

Not all pregnancies happen at the right time or the right place. Maybe you receive a positive pregnancy test at an inopportune time, such as during school or a demanding career. Perhaps your housing or financial situation is in a bad place, and you can’t afford to raise a child. Or, God forbid, your pregnancy is the result of abuse, or you got pregnant while enduring an abusive situation. If any of these circumstances apply to you, then perhaps it’s time to consider adoption.

Many women who have unplanned pregnancies go to adoption agencies to put their baby through the adoption process. Contrary to popular belief, adoptive families won’t pay you for custody of your baby. This practice is actually illegal. What does happen is that the adoption agency helps find a family willing to adopt your baby. Ideally, both the agency and the adoptive family work with you to ensure that you properly deliver the child.

Adoption Choices of Nevada offers many services that are meant to support birth mothers like you. We understand that there are physical, mental, and financial costs when it comes to pregnancy. Our agency also understands that not every birth mother is in a place to endure an unplanned pregnancy alone.

In the end, our mission is to support you through this difficult time, in any way we can.

The Adoption Process

If you are seeking adoption in Nevada, you must first contact our agency and talk to one of our birth parent counselors. While adoption is our agency’s primary focus, our counselors will discuss all possible options related to your circumstances.

Once you choose adoption, you then work with the agency to create your adoption plan. Your adoption plan allows you to choose your child’s adoptive family as well as the type of adoption. The available adoption types are based on whether or not you want a relationship with the adoptive family.

These are the basic steps to the adoption process, but our service doesn’t end there. Adoption Choices of Nevada offers a number of services meant to support our birth mothers through pregnancy. Our support also doesn’t stop after your baby is adopted.

Our Adoption Services

1. Housing Services Through the Adoption Process

One service we provide to eligible birth mothers is free temporary housing. As part of your adoption plan, you could secure safe and secure housing for yourself and any family. We primarily provide this service to help birth mothers who don’t already have safe housing. Some birth mothers, however, also make use of this service to get away from abuse at home. Others do so to hide their pregnancy from their family or the child’s birth father.

If these circumstances apply to you, you should consider asking your counselor to see if you are eligible.

2. Covering Living Expenses During the Adoption Process

We at Adoption Choices of Nevada understand that living with pregnancy and giving birth can be costly. As not every birth mother can afford these costs, we offer financial aid as part of your adoption plan. 

In accordance with Nevada adoption laws, birth mothers can have certain living expenses covered during pregnancy and postpartum recovery. With Adoption Choices, these expenses can include rent, phone bills, basic needs like food or hygiene, maternity clothing, and more. Eligible birth mothers can even have transportation to work or medical appointments covered.

3. Covering Medical Expenses During the Adoption Process

It is well documented that pregnant women pay more in medical bills than their non-pregnant counterparts. The costs only increase should the pregnant need to give birth via C-section. This is why our adoption agency offers to cover medical expenses as part of your adoption plan. If you are eligible, your prenatal care can be covered by your plan. The plan can cover regular visits to a doctor, who will prescribe diet and lifestyle advice, among other concerns. 

Adoption Choices of Nevada cares about your health and the health of your baby. We also believe that a birth mother shouldn’t have to choose between their health and their budget.

4. Mental Health Services Through the Adoption Process and Beyond

At Adoption Choices of Nevada, we understand that choosing adoption is not an easy choice to make. Many of the birth mothers that we work with feel that they are “giving up” their babies for adoption. Grief and anxiety, which can be aggravated by pregnancy hormones and postpartum depression (PPD), is unfortunately commonplace. This is why our agency can offer mental health services as part of your adoption plan. If you are eligible, your adoption plan can financially cover these counseling services. Our agency understands that birth mothers can have different mental health needs, so we offer a variety of services.

You can schedule one-on-one, therapy sessions that allow you to air your thoughts and feelings privately. The type of therapy can also vary based on your current mental health needs. These include solution-focused brief therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and narrative therapy, among other diverse healing methods.

There is even the option for group-based therapy should you desire solidarity with fellow birth mothers. In addition to group therapy, you can also join various support groups. With these group-based therapies, you can bond with birth mothers at various stages of pregnancy and the adoption process. You can even choose to go on a mental health retreat, either with a group or solo.

This support doesn’t have to end after your baby is placed with an adoptive family. Eligible birth mothers can still take part in these mental health services, especially if they suffer from PPD. You can even be eligible for long-term mental health support years after adoption.

Adoption Choices of Nevada takes the mental health of our birth mothers seriously. We are here to support you before, during, and after the adoption process.

Is Adoption for You?

Adoption in Nevada, like in other states, can be a difficult choice to make. Not every birth mother is willing to part with their newborn. On the other hand, not every mother can afford to raise a child for one reason or another. If you find yourself in the latter category, then perhaps adoption could be what your child needs. 

You can depend on our agency to help find the right adoptive family for your child. If you are eligible, your adoption plan can cover the various expenses associated with pregnancy. We can even provide mental health support after the adoption process.

Call Adoption Choices of Nevada today to see if adoption is right for you and your child.