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Unplanned Pregnancy Options in Reno

By Erin McKenna 

Facing an unplanned pregnancy is often a scary, overwhelming experience. Fortunately, you don’t have to face this new life experience alone. If you have discovered that you’re pregnant unexpectedly in Nevada, you have options and resources available to you. Adoption Choices of Nevada is here to support you whether you decide to pursue adoption or not. We’re experts on the Nevada adoption process but know that adoption is one of many choices you have right now. Our adoption counselors are here to provide you with the tools to make the right choice for your future. Read on to learn about your current options and how to find support for all of them. 

Options Other Than the Adoption Process

Of course, our adoption agencies specialize in the adoption process and will be able to support you most through adoption. But we also want to expect parents to be fully informed of all of their options before deciding their path. The first option available if you do not feel able or willing to have a child is termination.

Unfortunately, this option is only available in Nevada in the first 24 weeks of pregnancy. If you have concerns about bringing your pregnancy to full term, you have limited time to act. If you are considering this option but want more information about adoption, Adoption Choices of Nevada is a great resource. Our adoption counselors will never shame or judge you for your decisions. While we specialize in adoption, we will never pressure you into choosing adoption. If you don’t want to choose adoption and it’s too late to choose to terminate your pregnancy, however, you still have options.

The final option you have during an unexpected pregnancy is to keep and parent the child. There are many factors to consider before deciding to become a parent. The financial cost of pregnancy and beyond is substantial. Considering your physical and emotional state is also important. Are there any barriers in your life that would prevent you from being a parent? If you’re not sure, that’s okay. Taking the time to consider your unique circumstances before committing to raising a child is important. And if you change your mind, that’s okay, too. It’s never too late to make an adoption plan. Conversely, in Nevada, you have three days after being discharged from the hospital to reverse the adoption process. Becoming a parent is a serious decision and not one that should be made frivolously. Fortunately, this isn’t a choice you have to make alone. 

Choosing Adoption in Nevada

The adoption process is still, unfortunately, stigmatized in our society. Because of this stigma, many birth parents are ill-informed about the realities of adoption. There are many reasons why adoption may be the best decision for you. If you are concerned about the financial burden of pregnancy, adoption is one way to find support. According to Nevada adoption laws, adoptive families can cover the cost of certain pregnancy-related services for birth parents.

These costs include rent, groceries, medical bills, transportation, and more. If you don’t feel able to parent your child but still want a relationship with them, adoption is an option. Open or semi-open adoption plans are a great way to be a part of your child’s life. Giving your baby up for adoption is not “giving up” on your baby. You are making a safe, informed, selfless choice for yourself and your child. The adoption process is a way to take control of your future.

Through our adoption services, you can choose your adoptive family, the level of openness you want, and more. You have a wide variety of adoption opportunities available to you. Ultimately, the most important reason to choose adoption is if it’s what you want to do. This choice is yours to make— nobody else can or should make it for you. Whether you’ve already decided on your next steps or have no idea what your plan is, you can call today. 

Meet With an Adoption Expert Today

If you’re considering adoption in Nevada, there is no shame in asking for help. Our adoption experts are available 24/7 to support you. There is no “correct” timeline or “right” answer when it comes to unplanned pregnancy. Whether you just want to ask one question or commit to adoption today, you can call Adoption Choices of Nevada. While we specialize in adoption, we are here for you no matter what path you choose. The sooner you decide what path is right for you, the sooner you can prepare for your future. Set yourself and your child up for success by calling us today.