Birth Mother Stories

When I found out I was pregnant in August 2013, my options were limited. I just wasn’t going to be able to do it; financially, I wasn’t stable enough; I am a single mother of four sons who works as a server at a local casino. ‘Adoption was my only choices besides abortion.’ I was initially drawn to Adoption Choices of Nevada because of online testimonials from adoptive families. The staff at Adoption Choices empowered me to make the best decisions possible for my baby’s future. Even the way the staff talked about adoption was supportive of my choices, I was making a plan for my child, not giving him up.

They let me know that I was in charge and I had the final say in everything. I was trying to give him a better life than I could provide for him at the time. They made me feel that I was doing something positive and helping a couple that couldn’t have a baby on their own.

When it came time to find an adoptive family for my son, I was able to choose from multiple families and finally chose a family from out of state. I made sure to involve my older sons in the process; they actually chose the family and gave the baby a middle name that is an anagram of all my sons names. We all were able to meet before the birth of my son.

We have an open adoption arrangement. The adoptive family is picture-happy and I get tons of pictures of him every six months and I get to see him grow. When I see those pictures, it reminds me of why I made an adoption plan and that I did a good thing.

Jessica R.
Birth Mother

When I found out I was pregnant as a 16-year old high school sophomore, I panicked. I was so scared more than anything; I didn’t know what to do. I thought about abortion, but for me, it wasn’t something I could do. My mom talked with me about my future goals and how a baby would fit into that life.

I reached out Adoption Choices in Las Vegas. The agency was very open about what would happen and how it would happen. They lightened the mood and did their best to make us feel comfortable; never pressured. The agency made sure that I received every resource necessary for a healthy pregnancy. They reimbursed my existing medical bills and handled all future expenses which allowed me to continue to see the doctor I had chosen. I also received additional funds to help with groceries and maternity clothes, and an open offer to receive counseling services.

Adoption Choices gave me five (5) profiles to review and I finally chose a family who worked in photography and painting. I wanted a more artistic family because I’ve always loved art and wanted my child to grow up around that environment.

I was embarrassed by the ’16 and pregnant’ stereotype and worried that the adoptive family would look down on me at the initial visit. Instead the family asked if they could greet me with a hug and kept saying that they couldn’t thank me enough.

When the baby was born, the family came quickly. Even though I had made up my mind, seeing their reaction to meeting the baby made me so happy. I just knew that these people that I don’t even know are going to love this baby as their own.

Adoption Choices reached out to me constantly to make sure I was okay after the placement with the adoptive family happened to make sure I was doing okay. I attended a couple of the support groups and now am doing really well.

I am currently in college studying to become an art teacher.

Elizabeth P.
Birth Mother

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