4 Ways to Celebrate National Adoption Month in Reno

By Madeline McRae

There can be a ton of ways to celebrate and acknowledge national adoption month, and you don’t have to spend a penny if you don’t want to. What can be most helpful is spreading the word and encouraging the parents of either party when they go through the process. Expanding on what you know and spreading facts and ways to inform others can be a powerful and really helpful tool.

Raise the voices of former foster youth, adoptees, and birth parents

Advocating, supporting, and spreading the word of the adoption community can work wonders. Having an open ear to the people in the adoption community can help you gain helpful insight into the adoption community. After gaining the information, you can even spread that information to the people in your life! The power of word of mouth can work fast, and debunking myths and negative connotations can be super helpful.

Adoption Support Services

Expanding your knowledge of certain adoption agencies, like Adoption Choices of Nevada, can help raise awareness of how these agencies work. Putting these agencies out there can also help birth mothers/birth parents and adoptive parents looking for a child to either put up or adopt, are able to find out more information on the process.

Celebrate Transparency in Adoption

Having the option to even choose what sort of adoption the birth mother would like, such as: open, semi-open, and closed. It is a wonderful right on its own, Say if the birth parents might be struggling financially or just wants to stay anonymous, or anything else of that sort, closed might be the option. There are many different forms of transparency that Adoption Choices of Nevada can help you decide. They will walk you through and explain what each of them is and help you find the one that is right for you.

Respect Adoptive Children’s Right to Privacy

This goes hand and hand with transparency in a baby adoption in Reno. Rights when it comes to privacy, in general, are important and heavy. Having what you do in your life is personal and private, and having the right to privacy should be protected throughout. Keeping the child protected from exploitation can be really helpful, as it might help keep the adoption community a safer place for children to be themselves and not have to worry about hiding anything.

National Adoption Month

Just because it’s national adoption month does not mean you have to stop supporting, encouraging, and getting involved within the adoption community. Spreading the word, informing loved ones, and advocating for people in need can do a lot for the community. Remember that you can do so much more without contributing financially. Money isn’t always the solution, just being there and being active can do so much more than you think.

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