5 Ways to Celebrate National Adoption Month in Las Vegas

By Mitchell Kennis

With the upcoming holidays comes a focus on family and the celebration of the bonds we share. November especially hosts National Adoption Month, 30 days promoting awareness of adoption services and how they tie people together. This is all well and good, but you might be wondering how exactly to celebrate such an occasion. Let’s explore some different ways. Adoption Choices of Nevada has been providing adoption and surrogacy services across Nevada since 2012.

Celebrating Adoption In Nevada

Before getting to celebrating, perhaps it would be beneficial to cover what adoption really means and why it is important. Adoption is a process in which a birth mother puts up her child to be raised by adoptive parents. Adoption agencies tend to work with women who are unprepared for pregnancy. However, there are many reasons one can choose adoption, and no matter what, all of them are right.

You might already know about adoption, and that’s awesome. It is worth acknowledging, though, that not everyone knows even the basics of how to place a baby for adoption. Building awareness of adoption is integral for helping parents who cannot have children of their own. Adoption also offers an option to women who are not ready to become mothers. 

So it is very important that we have a month to bring adoption into the limelight. It is for families, for mothers, and for everyone to learn more about how adoption changes lives.   

Happy National Adoption Month

Adoption Awareness Month is recognized internationally to serve adoptive parents and birth mothers alike. Even if you aren’t of those particular groups, there is still plenty to do to celebrate the holiday.

1. Choose Adoption

There is certainly no time like the month dedicated to it for you to consider adoption. Adoption in Las Vegas or wherever you find yourself is available now or anytime during the year. You can also take this time to learn more about the adoption process and how to apply for an adoption. A consultant of our agency will be more than happy to talk about your adoption as soon as you call.

2. Donate Adoption Causes

Perhaps you are interested in helping others find adopted homes without adopting yourself. That is also a very feasible option this November and can be done by donating.

To donate, start by contacting local adoption agencies and seeing how you can best use your money to help. There are certainly struggling birth mothers or foster homes in need of extra financial assistance. However, even donating old toys or clothing can be a way to help new adoptive parents.   

3. Read Adoption Stories

If you would like to especially see the way adoption makes an impact, look up the many, many stories. There are thousands of recountings of how adoption made parents feel like a family. Many more are about birth mothers beyond grateful that their child gets to grow up in a loving household. Some are written on our website, but plenty more are out there on the web and in the world. This November, seek them out and smile at all the love adoption brings. 

You may also take this time to instead look into adoption more. Beyond the basic idea of it, there is plenty to be learned about the different types of adoption, for instance.

4. Spread the Word about Adoption

It is very unfortunate that in this day and age, people still think of adoption as a negative thing. There are those who judge women who choose it because they are “giving up” their child. Some even view families with adopted children as unnatural. 

While we can’t do much to affect bigoted ideas individually, we can spread true information about adoption to counter them. Something you can do this November just keeps your ear open and mouth running about adoption. You can gently try to adjust the negative language surrounding birth mothers. You could send an acquaintance link to Adoption Choices of Nevada if they needed us as a resource. Or you can simply mention to others that this month is a celebration of adoption and have them follow suit. Little things like this can go a long way in correcting stereotypes and building awareness.

5. Reach Out to Your Adoption Support Group

While November is mostly a time for building family, that doesn’t mean families already established can’t use it to reconnect. It is still in the spirit of National Adoption Month to host a dinner for friends or call a grandparent. If nothing else, we hope you take this time to contact a relative you haven’t talked to in a while. We hope you can use this holiday as an excuse to break the ice again, no matter how thick.  

You Can Celebrate Adoption in Nevada

National Adoption Month will pass by before you know it. Try to make the most of the celebration but know that adoption can happen anytime in the year. It is also never too late to contact Adoption Choices of Las Vegas for questions or if you’re considering adoption. Adoption Choices has a full team of counselors ready to talk with you about whichever part of the process you’re in.

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