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Devon Thornton

This month, we are excited and honored to welcome a new member to the Adoption Choices of Nevada team: Devon Thornton! She will be working as an Editorial Intern with us for the next six months.

Devon is an avid book reader and big Harry Potter fan. With the help of her internship with Adoption Choices, she hopes to grow as a writer and become a published author. Sometime in the future, she would love to meet J.K. Rowling. She can’t wait to get started, and see all that she can learn about adoption and her writing career.

Before she begins her regular blogs, I wanted to give her a chance to introduce herself and for you all to get to know her.

RR: What are your career aspirations?

DT: I graduated from the University of Central Florida in December 2016 and every day since the day I walked across that stage I have been asked what my plan was. To be completely honest, I didn’t have one and I still don’t. I started school with the expectation of figuring out where I wanted to go along the way. My original major was Journalism, but after three semesters I changed my mind and switched to Creative Writing. I love journalism. I admire journalism. Maybe one day I’ll want to go down that path, but really all I ever wanted to do was write.

I never had a particular career in mind when I started school. My goal was to finish as soon as I possibly could and I accomplished that goal. I graduated in three years. I wandered for a while in the job field trying to see if anything in particular called me, but I’ve come to see that all I want is to write and about anything. I want to write to make people happy. I want to write to change the world around me. I want to write about my passions. I want to write about things that really matter. I hope eventually to become an editor for a publication I really admire or maybe to write a book about my experience with veganism and environmentalism. I’m still not sure yet where I’m going but I think I’m on my way.

RR: What are you passionate about?

DT: I have been a vegan for six years and I am very passionate about the environment and sustainability. Veganism has seen an upward trend in the past few years. It’s prevalence in our society is undeniable now with major food chains adopting completely plant-based options and that’s something I never dreamed I’d see. When I decided to become vegan, I did so because I felt that my life was no more valuable than the animals I had chosen to consume. I still feel that way. I learned in my journey towards veganism all the other incredible benefits of the lifestyle. It’s unbelievably healthy for you, and your carbon footprint is reduced by an astounding amount. I don’t believe I will ever go back to eating meat, and I plan to raise my future kids to follow in my footsteps. I believe in living with compassion at the center of everything I do, and I hope that attitude I’ve taken on will help me accomplish my dream of someday making some good change.

RR: What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

DT: The first time I saw the Rocky Mountains I was awestruck. I felt so small, yet so wonderful. I had never imagined the power that a mountain range could have over me. I have spent my time since allowing nature to completely wrap me in its glory. I spend as much time as I can camping, hiking, or just simply being in nature. Number one on my bucket list is making it to every U.S. National Park. I’ve already crossed a few off my list: Rocky Mountain National Park, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and Everglades National Park. I feel most like myself when I’m somewhere outside.

If I’m not planning a camping trip or my next adventure, I’m probably reading. I was always an avid reader. I thank my grandmother for that. She took me and my brother to the bookstore and the library every couple of weeks as children, and it was my absolute favorite thing to do. I’m a very big Harry Potter fan, and I probably re-read those books at least once or twice a year.

RR: What are you currently watching on Netflix?

DT: I have a tendency to watch a bunch of shows at one time. Right now, I’m watching Grey’s Anatomy from the beginning, since I stopped watching years ago. I’m also watching Schitt’s Creek, which is television genius. And finally, I am watching the latest season of Queer Eye. I think that Queer Eye might be the best reality TV series that we’ve had in a long time. I love the positivity of the show, and the way that the Fab 5 can go into any person’s household without judgement and help them see their best selves. I take a lot of inspiration from that show for my approach with others, especially those I may disagree with.

RR: Who inspires you?

DT: As I’m writing this, I’m in the process of packing up my apartment in Orlando and moving to my mom’s house in Tennessee. She lives on my grandparent’s land out in Indian Mound, about an hour and a half from Nashville. My brother and I spent almost every summer going up there to ride around in the mud, pick flowers, and watch the deer graze. I never thought my mom would end up living there, but then again my mother is unpredictable in the best way. She is a pillar of strength in my family, and I’m inspired by how she has taken the reins of life and guided herself to the place she is today. My whole life, she sacrificed whatever she needed to in order to make my brother and myself happy, healthy and successful. She worked multiple jobs as a single mother and made sure we never missed out. When she moved to Tennessee and decided to build her dream home from scratch, it was her deciding it was now her time to have everything she worked for and all that she wanted.

I’m excited to move in with my mom for many reasons. The biggest being that my partner and I are going to be able to save money for our future. We have big plans, and we weren’t able to make them happen while spending most of our money on our living expenses. I’m excited to live so close to nature. My mom’s house sits on top of a hill that overlooks the woods. I’ll be able to spend as much time as I want reading outside on a blanket in the grass. I’ll be able to plant the garden that I wasn’t able to living in an apartment. But almost more than any of that, I’m excited to watch Queer Eye curled up on the couch with my mom on one side and my boyfriend on the other. I never thought I would enjoy the idea of moving in with my mom at the age of 24, but sometimes it’s nice to feel like a kid again.

About the Author

Rachel RobertsonRachel Robertson is a published journalist, book editor, certified Publishing Specialist, and aspiring novelist. She graduated from Central Washington University (CWU) in March 2011, having found her writing voice within the Creative Nonfiction genre and grew to work as a freelance book editor for small presses all across the United States.

In June 2018, she embarked on an internship with Virginia Frank and came on board with Adoption Choices Inc., Not for Profit 501(c)(3), in December 2018. Between her mutual passion with adoption and surrogacy, and her own personal history with adoption, Rachel is excited to research and share topics each week that will spread awareness and better serve the faithful patrons of Adoption Choices Inc.

When Rachel isn’t haunting her local Starbucks or Barnes and Noble, she’s avidly pouring over her Writer’s Digest subscription or cozying up with a cup of tea and book. She currently resides in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her beloved wife and Border Collie.

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