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What are My Unexpected Pregnancy Options in Nevada 

By Wendy Swisher

Finding out you’re pregnant is always a shock. An unexpected pregnancy can be overwhelming. If it is the latter and the pregnancy is unexpected, then there are decisions that need to be made. First, finding out what options are available is important. Then you can start the decision process. You have three options available to you in Nevada for an unexpected pregnancy. One choice is to parent your baby. This means you would be responsible for their upbringing and making sure all their needs are met. When parenting your child, you want to give them a good start to their life and prepare them for independence. The second choice is to terminate the pregnancy. This is never an easy decision.

In Nevada, there is a referendum of the people which says: a woman has the right up until the 24-week mark of pregnancy to terminate the pregnancy. If terminating the unexpected pregnancy is not an option for you because of your own religious beliefs, then there is another option. Your third option is to consider Adoption in Las Vegas. Adoption allows you to find a loving family to raise your child. An adoptive family who may not have had a chance to be a parent without your help. Some women become pregnant because of a sexual assault and do not feel they can parent the child. Their baby is a reminder of what they have endured. Adoption in Nevada is also a great choice for these birth mothers. It allows them to give the baby life without the stigma of their conception.

How Our Local Adoption Agency in Nevada Can Help

If you decide adoption is the right choice for you, call a local adoption agency like Adoption Choices of Nevada. We have many resources available to help birth mothers: housing, financial, medical, and counseling. Unfortunately, sometimes birth mothers are in a situation where they have nowhere to live, or their living situation is unsafe. Our staff can help you find safe and reliable housing. We also help with financial assistance.

A lot of people ask if they get paid to put their child up for adoption. No, you do not get paid for giving up a child for adoption. The financial assistance helps you with bills (Phone, Electric, or rent), gas, and groceries. This helps take the burden off of the birth mother and reduce your stress. If you need help finding a prenatal doctor, we can help with that too. Our goal is to make sure you receive the best medical care possible and create a birth plan that meets your needs. The other resource we

Adoption Counceling and Support

Another resource we offer is adoption counseling. We understand you are dealing with a lot of emotions during your adoption journey. Sometimes you need someone to help you work through them or just listen to you. That’s why we offer help to find ways to constructively work through your emotions. Do not wait to call us today, and we can start the adoption process. The process starts by first talking to us. We will find out your situation and make sure you know all your available options and answer any questions we can. If, after that, you feel adoption is right for you and your baby, then we will help you formulate an adoption plan catered to you.

We Will Help Guide You Through Your Unexpected Pregnancy Options

As the birth mother, you get to make all the important decisions, like what type of adoption you want; open, semi-open, or closed. Open adoption allows you to contact the birth parents, where you can share pictures and have some scheduled visits. Open adoption allows you to watch your child grow. A semi-adoption is basically receiving updates but not as much contact as an open one. With a closed adoption, there is no contact between the adoptive parents, birth parents, or child. It all depends on what level of openness you want with the adoptive family. After you have decided what type of adoption, we will then move on to picking a family for your baby. Our staff will give you files of potential adoptive families. Sift through them and find the one that you feel is a good match for you and your child.

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