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What are My Unexpected Pregnancy Options in Vegas?

By Chloe Agas

You may be a birth mother who may be researching what your options are for an unplanned pregnancy in Nevada. If you are experiencing an unexpected pregnancy, you may ask questions such as: 

Every option has its advantages and disadvantages to keep in consideration as you make your decision. At Adoption Choices of Nevada, our agencies can assist you with creating an adoption plan that is curated for YOU. If you do not know where to begin, our adoption agencies are here to provide various services to help you. Our services vary from support counseling to post-decision care for any circumstance. In this article, we will be sharing what options are available for birth mothers experiencing an unexpected pregnancy. 

The Three Options for Unexpected Pregnancy in Nevada 

In the event of an unexpected pregnancy, it can be an emotionally difficult process to be handled alone. The options that are available for birth mothers can vary based on financial, personal beliefs, health, and local laws. Some of the options include: 

  1. Choosing to parent the child yourself. 
  2. Choosing to terminate the pregnancy. 
  3. Choosing to give birth and place the child for adoption. 

Option One: Parenting the Child Yourself

The first option is parenting the child yourself. The decision to parent can come from personal beliefs and support from family and friends.


  • Fulfilling the role of being a loving parent to the child.
  • The joyful experience of raising the child and bonding with them.
  • Meeting a new long-term goal or goals in life.


  • Emotional and Financial Challenges. 
  • Change in lifetime plans and goals. 
  • Challenges in adjusting to the new lifestyle of having a child.

With this decision, you may want to consider if you have an available support system, funds, and options for adjustment open. Deciding to raise a child can be a big change in lifestyle, especially if it puts a lot of your own long-term goals on hold. 

Option Two: Choosing to Terminate the Pregnancy

The second option is to choose to terminate the pregnancy. In the state of Nevada, termination of pregnancy remains legal but is not advisable after 25 weeks and 6 days of pregnancy. 


  • Could be the better option based on personal belief and finances. 
  • Can continue with aligned personal life plans and goals. 
  • An option if needed for physical health reasons.


  • Emotional and Financial Challenges. 
  • Potential health and legal risks.
  • May not align with some personal beliefs, such as religious or moral. 

With this decision, you may need to consider researching the different options for terminating the pregnancy. The research may include healthcare and in legal matters. You may need to prepare for financial matters and get mental health support if needed during the process. 

Option Three: The Adoption Process 

The third and final option to consider is placing a baby up for adoption in Nevada. The decision in give a baby up for adoption is not an easy one, but our adoption agencies can support you through the process every step of the way. 

  1. You will have access to mental health resources. At Adoption Choices of Nevada, our counselors can support you before, during, and after the adoption process. Our mission is for our clients to have a safe space throughout their journey. The decision to place a baby up for adoption is not easy, and you deserve to have a safe space. This can happen when you first contact our agencies, planning how you want to give birth and onward.
  2. Our adoption agencies serve as a support system for our clients every step of the way. At Adoption Choices of Nevada, you can create your own adoption plan based on your preferences. We create adoption plans regardless of what circumstance you’re in. If you are a birth mother experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, we will guide you to make the process much easier and more organized. Our top priority is to always take in our client’s preferences in the adoption journey into consideration.
  3. You will be able to choose the adoptive family that will be best for the child. With your plan, you decide how you want to proceed with communicating with the potential adoptive family. Adoption Choices of Nevada makes sure that every client and adoptive family gets to have a preference. Both sides are also able to decide how they want to meet throughout the adoption process

With the decision to give a baby up for adoption, you are also changing someone’s life and providing for a loving home. Some families are unable to have a child due to their own unique circumstances. It gives an opportunity for both sides to benefit from adoption. 

How Does an Adoption Plan Work with Adoption Choices of Nevada?

Adoption Choices of Nevada will provide the necessary steps and guidance in creating your adoption plan.  When you reach out to our adoption agencies and schedule a first meeting with a Birth Parent Counselor, you can be accommodated based on your preferences.

With a Birth Parent Counselor from Adoption Choices of Nevada, you will be assisted and taking action in:

  • Paperwork to assist you in creating your adoption plan 
  • A financial budget that suits your needs 
  • Seeking medical and prenatal care 
  • Choosing adoptive families through a matching process 
  • Communication between you and the adoptive family during your pregnancy

All of these steps will take place during your pregnancy leading up to your due date.

You are Supported In Your Decision If You Choose Adoption in Nevada

Regardless of the outcome you make as a birth mother, you are making the effort to research. By searching up “What are My Unexpected Pregnancy Options,” you are considering a selfless decision filled with strength. 

At Adoption Choices of Nevada, we are prepared to assist you throughout the adoption process from our resources. It is never too late to start considering your decision and get the support you need. Our Las Vegas agencies can be reached for consultation through this email form, or for urgent matters, call 702-474-4673.