What Are the Adoptive Families Afraid of Through Adoption?

By Chloe Taylor

Placing your child up for adoption can be a difficult and emotional decision, but it is also selfless. You may feel unready to raise a child. Therefore, you desire to place your child with a prepared and loving family who are ready to raise a baby. However, you may have some worries about the adoptive family and how they will create a stable and loving environment for the child.

Adoption Choices of Nevada, like many adoption agencies, strive to help answer every concern. You may be dealing with hardships such as unplanned pregnancy. We want to provide peace throughout the whole adoption process for the birth parents, the child, and the adoptive family. All parties desire the same goal: the well-being of the child. Let’s try to understand the concerns adoptive families may have to create more understanding and a more supportive environment for the child. 

Taking Adoption Concerns Seriously

It is not only okay, but it is normal to be concerned about the adoptive family and their emotional well-being. You want what is best for your child. It is crucial for the adoptive family to meet your expectations to ensure they are ready and a good fit for your child. Just like you, the birth parent has fears as does the adoptive family. They may have concerns over the unknowns like you do. This is not entirely negative. It can be good to have some fears. Having concerns can help push and lead adoptive parents to make sure they are prepared to raise a child.

Adoptive families have so much excitement and are ready to love and care for a child. They have already gone through the adoption process and have shown their commitment thus far. They are committed to bringing your baby up in the best possible environment. 

Common Fears Adoptive Families Face

Being Rejected by the Adopted Child

Adoptive parents may worry about the child rejecting them or not being able to bond with them. However, this can prompt them to make the right choices and encourage bonding with the child. 

Worried They Might Not Meet the Needs of the Child

Adoptive families can be stressed about not being able to meet all the proper needs of the child, whether emotional or medical needs. 

The Waiting Time Can Be Lengthy

While this may not seem as much of a concern, it can cause strain on the adoptive parents. Some wait a long time to adopt a child. This time period of waiting can increase their commitment to adoption and raising a child. 

Communication Post-Adoption

Adoptive parents may be concerned with how you will communicate with them and the child post-adoption. This is why it is important to meet with and discuss concerns and expectations about post-adoption communication during the planning process. 

The Birth Parent Deciding to Parent Their Child

Sometimes the birth mother decides to keep their child. While this may be a concern, adoptive families are here to provide a loving home to a child who will not otherwise have one. If the birth parent decides to keep their child, adoptive parents will understand. They also want what is best for the child. 

Unknown Medical History

It can be a little scary and concerning not knowing the child’s family’s medical history. With closed adoptions, there is little to no information about the birth family. Therefore, it can be worrisome if health issues occur for the child. 

Having Open Communication With the Adoptive Family Post-Adoption

You can choose to have an open adoption when creating your adoption plan. This can allow you to openly communicate with your child and the adoptive family after the adoption process. Not only that, but having open communication can build deeper relationships as you create more trust and alleviate worries. 

Choosing the Best for Your Child in Adoption

Recognizing and paying attention to these concerns shows your commitment to finding the best possible life for your child. Finding the ideal adoptive family will create the best possible outcome for all parties. Your child can grow in a positive environment where they are loved, cared for, and safe. It is important to realize that these fears and worries are normal. These fears not only show that the adoptive family cares about the well-being of the child but that they are also committed to providing the best possible care for them. 

Choosing Adoption in Nevada

Remember, you are not alone. There are many adoption agencies awaiting your call. We at Adoption Choices of Nevada, a non-profit, licensed adoption agency, are here to make adoption in Las Vegas possible for you. By utilizing our adoption services, you can walk through the process with a birth parent counselor and find a birth parent support group. Reach out to learn more about adoption and if it is the right course of action for you and your child.