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By Adoption Choices of Nevada

What Birth Mothers Want You to Know About Nevada Adoption

By Gabrielle Maya

Picture this, you are a new birth mother in Nevada and need information on how adoption works. Adoption Choices of Nevada is the agency you can rely on if you are interested in Las Vegas adoption. We can answer questions regarding an adoption plan, what adoption types are, and the adoption process as a whole. Furthermore, if you are curious about our adoption resources for birth mothers before and after the finalization is complete, continue reading. 

How to Start Your Las Vegas Adoption Plan

The first step in an adoption process is the adoption plan, which consists of two steps: choosing an adoption type and creating a list of preferences for your ideal adoptive family. 

There are three adoption types, which one sounds like the ideal adoption arrangement.

Open Adoption

You would like open communication with your child and adoptive family. Feel comfortable with personal connections as well. You will schedule time with your child and or the adoptive family. Communication can be through phone and video calls, scheduled in-person visits, and letters/emails with updates on the child’s upbringing. 

Semi-Open Adoption

You are interested in communicating with your child and adoptive family. However, you just want professional updates. You might want some personal information exchanged or not at all. You think it’s best to set boundaries with all contact forms and keep it professional. Communication can be through phone and video calls, scheduled in-person visits, and letters/emails with updates on the child’s upbringing.

Closed Adoption

It’s best not to have any form of communication at all. You are very private and don’t want your personal information exchanged. You think this is a way to closure and help the child have a fulfilled life by not confusing them or creating a complex situation. 

After that, the following step is completing a list of questions to help narrow your adoptive family selection.


Do I want my child’s new adoptive family to live nearby, in another state, another county or city, or in another country? 


Does the ethnicity or race of the adoptive family matter to me? Would I be comfortable with someone who shares the same background, or is it not a priority?


Would I want the adoptive family to share similar or all the same values about raising a child, or is it okay that they are slightly different or completely different?

Religious Affiliation

Do I want the adoptive family to have the same religious beliefs as I do, or is their religion, not a priority or preference? If I do not believe in any religion, am I comfortable with an adoptive family who has a religion or is also an atheist?

Family Type

Would you prefer a single mother or father, a family who has adopted children before, a family who has their children, or a same-sex couple?

Adoption Resources for Birth Mothers in Nevada

Their resources are all available to you during the adoption process. A few are available after the finalization of the adoption. We will specify the below. 

Financial Aid

If eligible, this resource can be helpful during and after the adoption. However, you must check your eligibility by applying for financial assistance. This can include loans, grants, and programs. Financial assistance can help pay for rent, groceries, phone bills, transportation fees, and medical bills. 

Medical Assistance

Whether you have medical insurance or even a primary doctor, we can offer medical assistance and doctor applicants to take care of your adoption. We want to help pay for medical checkups and help schedule consistent doctor visits to help you and the baby’s health. This adoption resource can be used during the adoption process. 

Birth Plan

This is planned before the actual due date. You will consult with your doctor about the location of the birth if you will be breastfeeding, if pain relief medicine will be administered, or if you want anyone in the delivery room. This service is used before and during the adoption process. Housing: Having a home during the adoption and a little after the finalization. You must apply to see if you are eligible for housing. We help find nearby locations that meet your needs. Having your own safe space can help with the adoption process. Even after your adoption is complete (depending on state and adoption agency), you can stay for a little longer to find new permanent housing and get up on your feet financially. 

Free Counseling

Counseling is offered during and after the adoption. During the adoption process, you can have one-on-one counseling or group counseling. Talk about your experience, feelings, and emotions. We know it can be hard. However, we are available to you. There is no timeline when healing from adoption finalization. After your adoption is complete, we are still an available resource. However, a small fee will apply. More details on Adoption Choices of Nevada.

Choosing to Place Your Child Up for Adoption

Adoption Choices of Nevada is a reliable adoption agency that can help with your Las Vegas adoption. We know an adoption process can be overwhelming and stressful. Our goal is to simplify the steps and make you feel welcomed, taken care of, safe, and comfortable. We want to support your decisions for your child. You are doing a selfless act of love, providing a home for your child.

Adoption Choices of Nevada has been providing adoption and surrogacy services across Nevada since 2012. You can call us to speak to someone now. Contact Us 24/7: 855-940-4673 (Toll-Free) | 702-474-4673 (Las Vegas) | 775-825-4673 (Reno)