What Does Adoption Finalization Mean in Reno?

By Jordan Smith  

If you are someone considering adoption and want to know what the adoption finalization means and entails, you have come to the right place!

Adoption Choices of Nevada is a private adoption agency, and we assist birth mothers when giving a baby up for adoption. However, there is also no “giving up” on anything. Just take the proper steps to verify a positive future for you and your baby.

Here at Adoption Choices of Nevada, we have a step-by-step adoption process that allows you to make all necessary decisions, which ultimately makes for a positive adoption experience. Your adoption plan will be developed, and after your due date, the finalization will be completed.

Adoption Finalization in Nevada   

If you have started the initial adoption process and have been developing your adoption plan, then your counselor should have gone over all the options you may have before finalizing your decision to place your baby for adoption. When establishing your adoption plan, you and your adoption counselor will go over what type of adoption you want, the choosing of the adoptive family, and your birth plan. 

It is common for people to think the adoption finalization happens once the baby is placed with the adoptive family, but this is false. Adoption Choices of Nevada has post-placement steps that you get support through, and the finalization does not occur until the legal process is complete and the adoptive parents officially have full custody.

Signing Consent for Adoption

During the legal process of finalizing the adoption, your signature will be required to complete the adoption placement. If you are considering Reno adoption, then it is crucial for you to know what the finalization process entails and the support that will be provided to you throughout the entire adoption process and post-placement. 

While you are making important decisions during your adoption plan, your adoption counselor will be with you from your initial appointment up to six months after giving up a child for adoption. Adoption Choices of Nevada will provide you with the necessary legal information about what the legal process will be like. 

In the state of Nevada, there is a 72-hour waiting period after the baby’s birth before you need to sign the relinquished/consent form. During those 72 hours, you should think and reflect on your decision to adopt your child because when you sign the consent form, you are legally giving custodial rights to the adoptive parents. Once you have signed the consent forms, it is not something that can easily be taken back. The adoptive parents will then have full parental rights to the child, and legal actions would need to be made in order to do so. 

The adoptive family that you chose at the beginning of your adoption plan will then be able to take the baby home from the hospital, and depending on the type of adoption you chose, there can be updates and communication after the placement is final. 

Adoption Finalization Court Hearings  

Adoption Choices of Nevada find that the finalization hearings are quite important because private adoptions in Nevada are not finalized unless the child has lived with the adoptive family for at least six months. During that period, it is to ensure that the adoptive home is safe and secure for the child with regular home visits from an assigned social worker. 

The court hearings are typically brief, lasting around an hour, and the adopted child and his/her adoptive parents will attend. The birth parents do not take part during this time, and communication will be available for you with your counselor if needed. The experience of adoption can be emotionally strenuous for the birth mothers, and we will be here to guide and support you. Adoption Choices of Nevada offers support and counseling to you for up to six months after placement.  

Adoption is a beautiful thing. When it comes to making the hard decision to adopt, it is good to remember that you are offering another family to have a child. There are a lot of restrictions that could prevent such a blessing, but private adoption is a source that can make for a positive placement. Adoption Choices of Nevada has resources that are offered to birth mothers as well to help you in any way you may need during the vulnerable time of adoption. 

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