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What does Adoption Finalization Mean?

By Elle Kerrigan

If you’ve begun the adoption process, it’s important to know that there are specific steps you need to complete before the adoption is finalized. These steps vary from state to state, but here at Adoption Choices of Nevada, we can help you complete these final parts of the process in Nevada. Our private, non-profit agency has been helping women in and around Las Vegas pursue adoption since 2008.

We are comprised of a team of talented specialists who have the best interests of you and your child in mind at all times. Even at the end of your journey, we are here to support you and provide helpful information to guide the adoption process.

Finalizing adoption in Nevada

If you have completed the initial steps of giving a baby up for adoption, you are likely familiar with the term “adoption plan.” The adoption plan is created by you and the adoption specialist at your adoption agency. You will plan out what type of adoption you’d like, the family your child will be placed with, the details of your birth, and general support details.

You might think that your adoption is complete after your child is with their adoptive family, but adoption agencies like ours ensure your plan includes post-adoption steps. Adoption finalization occurs when the legal processes have been completed, and the adoptive parents officially have custody. This is an important part of the adoption process to make sure your adoption is entirely finalized in accordance with your state’s laws. 

Signing the consent to adopt 

It is important that your adoption complies with state laws. If you are pursuing adoption in Las Vegas, it is smart to be aware of Nevada’s laws and regulations. Don’t worry – our specialists at Adoption Choices of Nevada are well-trained in these areas, so any clarification you need is available. You and your specialist will need to review these laws and ensure your adoption has complied with the state. A legal process that is completed in every state is the termination of parental rights.

This occurs when you, the birth parent, relinquish your custody and consent to adoption by signing a legal document. Your adoption specialist will account for this detail in your birth plan. In Nevada, there is a 72-hour waiting period after birth before you may sign a form of relinquishment/consent. You should take this time to make sure your decision to place your child for adoption is final; once you sign the consent to adopt, you may not revoke this. Your signature means you are giving the adoptive family permission to obtain legal custody of your baby.

The adoptive family that you chose earlier in your adoption plan will then be able to take the child home, either from the hospital or from their temporary placement. It is important to remember that through adoption, you are providing a new life to your child, their new family, and yourself. It can be an emotional time, but it’s also exciting! 

Adoption Finalization hearings 

A finalization hearing is necessary to complete the adoption process. In Nevada, the adoption cannot be legally finalized in court until the child has been living with the adoptive family for at least six months. This waiting period ensures the child’s home is safe and happy, as there are social worker visits assigned during this time. The hearings are usually brief, lasting less than an hour. These are attended by the adopted child and their adoptive parents; the birth parents do not take part.

As a birth parent, it is just important that you know that this is when the adoption is officially finalized. The purpose of this hearing is to legally complete the process and for the adoptive parents to take an oath of protection for the child in a court of law. After their court date, the adoptive parents can obtain a new birth certificate with updated information.

As the birth parent, it can seem like there are a lot of steps to placing your baby in a safe home. It is our goal at Adoption Choices of Nevada to help you feel secure in your decision and to make sure each step is done properly. With fifteen years of experience, we are a trusted resource for adoption in Las Vegas, Reno, and all of Nevada.

We are here to help you in every stage of the adoption process, from creating your plan to finalization. When your adoption is finalized, you can feel calm knowing you made a selfless decision for your child, and they are now in a happy home. If you are a birth parent in Nevada curious about the finalization of the adoption, contact Adoption Choices of Nevada.

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