What Does Private Adoption Mean?

By Edward Harding

If you are considering adoption in Las Vegas, you most likely have spent researching various agencies on the internet. No doubt you have probably come across the term “private adoption agency” and wondered to yourself just what that means. How does it compare to a public agency? Are private agencies more confidential? These are all valid questions. 

Adoption Choices of Nevada can answer all of these questions and more. Our specialists provide high-quality adoption planning and birth mother support for women across Nevada. 

Choosing Private Adoption in Nevada

Private adoption is an adoption conducted by an independent agency within the country. Private adoption agencies are officially licensed by the state but not funded by it. The license signifies legitimacy and quality of service by the state. It also allows an agency to provide supportive services to birth mothers and facilitate placement. 

Private adoption is not like a private school in which potential students must pay to take advantage of its services. Also, there are also no external incentives or quotas guiding our agency. Note that it is illegal for an agency to pay a mother to give up a child. At Adoption Choices of Nevada, all of our services, from supportive counseling to financial assistance, are offered free to birth mothers. 

Some private agencies may be affiliated with specific ideologies or focus on aiding specific groups. Adoption Choices of Nevada is not one of these places. We are not a Christian adoption agency or a religious agency of any kind. Our services are offered to all expecting mothers in the Nevada or Las Vegas area, no matter their background.                                     

Private adoptions are different from public foster care agencies. These are funded and maintained by the federal government. Generally, these types of agencies give the birth mother less direct control over the adoption process. In contrast, private agencies provide a highly personalized experience.                

Openness in Private Adoption

The term private adoption does not directly correlate to a level of confidentiality. However, Adoption Choices of Nevada personally guarantees client confidentiality if desired. Above all, we want you to feel comfortable choosing adoption in Las Vegas. Adoption is your choice, and you can feel free to pursue other options at any time.    

Various agencies often specialize in different levels of openness between birth parents and adoptive families. These levels of openness are often referred to as types of adoption. Adoption Choices of Nevada typically focuses on open and semi-open adoptions. Placing a baby for adoption with a private agency will allow you to choose the type best for your needs.    

  • Open adoption- The highest level of openness and most flexible. Generally, birth parents choosing this option maintain close contact with the child and adoptive family post-placement. Often this takes the form of in-person meet-ups, phone calls, or whatever else you agree upon.                   
  • Semi-Open Adoption- The middle ground option. Adoptive families and birth parents share limited information and contact with one another. This often includes an exchange of photographs every few years or so.          
  • Closed Adoption- No contact with the adoptive family or child post-placement. Often children are immediately placed into the care of the new parents following birth. This method guarantees anonymity for all parties.      

You will have the option to select one of these options when constructing your adoption plan with your specialist. The choice of adoption will dictate how the agency can best serve you within the adoption process.                  

Look for a Private Agency Near You   

Giving a baby up for adoption is a difficult decision. Choosing a local, private agency will help make that choice much simpler. With a private agency, you hold all the power. You decide how your adoption journey will unfold. Since 2008, Adoption Choices of Nevada has offered highly personalized services to expecting birth mothers across Nevada. For 15 years, our specialists have assisted birth mothers in finding community resources and provided education for adoption. We give you the tools and information you need to make informed decisions and gain confidence about the future. Adoption Choices has offices in both Las Vegas and Reno but serves birth mothers across Nevada. Make the right decision and give your child the adoptive family they deserve with Adoption Choices.                                        

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