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What Happens at the Hospital If I am Giving My Baby Up for Adoption in Nevada?

The last nine months have been building up to the day you deliver your baby. Whether you have known this whole time that you want to place your baby for adoption, or you have now just decided to choose adoption, know that your hospital experience is entirely in your control. There is no singular way for your hospital experience to play out, which gives you the flexibility to tailor it to your unique needs. Adoption Choices of Nevada wants you to be as prepared as possible for the day your baby comes into the world. That’s why we’re providing this overview of what you can anticipate so that your transition into birth motherhood can go as smoothly as possible.

Putting Together Your Adoption Hospital Birth Plan in Nevada

At some point in your adoption process, Adoption Choices of Nevada will help you put together a hospital birth plan to map out all the details you wish to include in your hospital stay. By planning out your hospital stay in advance, you will better prepare yourself for what to expect, which will make the experience less stressful for you. Below are some examples of what you can include in your hospital birth plan:

  • the hospital in which you will give birth
  • the OB/GYN or midwife who will deliver your baby
  • how you will get to and from the hospital
  • what pain-relief medications you want, if any
  • whether you want to deliver in a tub
  • if you want soothing sounds to play in the background during labor
  • who will be present when you are in labor and give birth
  • who will cut the umbilical cord
  • who will hold the baby first
  • having pictures or videos taken
  • whether you will give the baby his or her first bath
  • whether you will breastfeed the baby
  • whether you have alone time with the baby
  • whether you will accompany the baby when he or she leaves the hospital

What to Expect During Labor and Delivery as a Birth Mother in Nevada

Perhaps you arrive at the hospital on your due date and elect to have labor induced. You may go into labor before your due date. Either way, you will need to have reliable transportation to bring you to and from the hospital, so you get the care you need. If you do not have a means of getting to the hospital, Adoption Choices of Nevada can help you make the necessary arrangements. As per your hospital birth plan, you may choose to have an epidural for pain relief. You may undergo certain preparations depending on whether you plan to deliver vaginally or via C-section.

When you arrive at the hospital, the adoptive parents will be notified so they can be present when the baby is born. The level of contact you will have with them will vary during your hospital depending on whether you have chosen open, semi-open, or closed adoption. In an open or semi-open adoption, you may have the adoptive parents in the delivery room with you, so they can see the birth of their child. In a closed adoption, or even certain semi-adoption arrangements, there will be no contact between you and the adoptive parents at any point during your hospital stay to protect your privacy. If you choose adoption while you are in labor, there are several adoptive parents working with Adoption Choices of Nevada on standby who are prepared to arrive at the hospital at a moment’s notice.

Navigating the Recovery Period before Placing Your Baby for Adoption

As you recover from delivering the baby, you will have some time to spend with the baby, the adoptive parents, and loved ones. Your hospital birth plan will outline what you want to get out of the recovery experience so you can look back on it with no regrets. Your level of contact with the adoptive family will depend on how open the adoption is.

If you have only just decided to pursue adoption during your time at the hospital, now is a good opportunity to reach out to Adoption Choices of Nevada to create an adoption plan that will determine whether you will have an open, semi-open, or closed adoption. We will provide you with a variety of adoptive parent profiles to choose from. We will also provide any necessary counseling as well as assistance in obtaining financial or other forms of aid.

Relinquishing Your Parental Rights to Give Up Your Baby for Adoption

In Nevada, you must wait 72 hours after giving birth before consenting to the adoption. Up until you relinquish your parental rights to the adoptive parents, you have every right to change your mind about the adoption. When you are in the process of signing over your parental rights, you will have a birth counselor from Adoption Choices of Nevada present with you to ensure you are making an informed decision and that your rights are protected. During this time, you may find it comforting to have a loved one with you or even the adoptive parents with you as you take this step into lifelong birth motherhood.

Are You Ready for Your Hospital Stay as a Birth Mother in Nevada?

While it’s important to keep in mind that your hospital plan likely won’t go 100% according to plan, you will still benefit from being prepared nonetheless. Remember that you have complete control over your hospital experience, and you reserve the right to change any details as necessary. If you want the most out of your hospital experience as a birth mother, reach out to Adoption Choices of Nevada so we can help you put together a hospital birth plan that’s best for you and your baby.

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