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What If I Don’t Want Adoption Support From My Adoption Agency?

By Shamani Salahuddin

You may experience emotions you didn’t expect to feel when going through the adoption in Nevada. Choosing adoption as a birth mother is a heavy-hearted decision that Adoption Choices of Nevada wants to support you through. That being said, you are in control of your adoption journey. Additional support or counseling is not required, but we offer it to every birth mother. Entering the adoption process doesn’t mean you need your adoption agency’s help, but it enhances your experience.  

What Support Do We Offer Through the Adoption Process?

Depending on the needs of the birth parent, our Reno adoption agency will manage to assist. At Adoption Choices of Nevada, we offer the following: 

  • Financial aid
  • Housing and Transportation
  • Medical assistance

Birth mothers are most likely not prepared when faced with an unplanned pregnancy. At our adoption agency, we understand that every birth mother is different and treat them as such. We never want to assume the needs of a birth parent. Pregnancy comes with expensive medical expenses. We help you find aid in prenatal and medical care. 

Some birth mothers have the means of housing and transportation, but not all do. At Adoption Choices of Nevada, we acknowledge that a birth mother’s living situation may change throughout pregnancy. If needed, our adoption agency will help you find safe housing, transportation, and clothing. 

Pregnancy adoption help and care should be accessible to all birth mothers. At our adoption center, we connect you with an adoption specialist to work with you one-on-one. You will create an adoption plan with them and discuss any questions. You and the adoption counselor will collaborate during this meeting to determine your budget and the compatible services. Our mission at Adoption Choices of Nevada is to provide services that ensure you don’t feel alone in your adoption journey. 

 Is Counseling or Support Required in an Adoption Plan?

In the adoption plan, birth mothers are welcome to seek counseling or support. We offer services free of charge for all birth parents, but it is never mandatory. You control your adoption plan and can include any services you want and exclude what you don’t.   

Will there be Adoption Counseling Available When Needed?

Every birth parent responds differently to the idea of adoption for their baby. Whenever a birth mother or father wants counseling services, it will be provided to them. Our services can only help if a birth parent accepts it. We never force support on anyone but are a resource to lean on when needed. So, absolutely! If you are in the middle of your adoption journey and decide you want to receive counseling, you can. While some can see the benefit of seeking adoption counseling, others may take a solitary approach to their journey. They may not see a need for help as they have a strong support system that they can talk to.

Giving a baby up for adoption is an emotional process. Many thoughts may arise during your term that you never thought would. Is this the right choice for my baby? Am I being selfish? Will my baby forgive me for this?

Contact our Nevada agency to speak to a counselor if you feel doubt or sorrowful. They are specialized to help you through these difficult emotions. Adoption is never giving up. It is giving your child their best chance.    

What Services Do We Offer After the Adoption Process?

Our adoption agencies offer several post-placement services for adoption in Nevada. Post-placement is an important step to help you recover after delivery. Assistance includes counseling, medical care, and post-placement communication. 

Post-adoption counseling allows you to heal once your baby goes home with the adoptive family. Again, counseling is not required but is always available. 

As a birth mother, you can choose a form of post-placement communication depending on your type of adoption. There are three types of adoption: open, semi-open, and closed. In an open adoption, the birth parents and adoptive parents share direct contact information. Open adoptions have varying degrees of contact. If you are worried about your baby’s new family, open adoption lets you see your child happy and healthy. Some ways adoptive parents and birth parents may interact include: 

  • Exchanging letters and pictures
  • Occasional visits
  • Staying in touch through social media
  • Photo sharing

However, direct contact may only be for some. Other birth parents would instead let the adoption agency deal with communication. Similar to semi-open adoption, any communication with the adoptive parents is through the adoption agency. In a closed adoption, neither party shares names or contact information. There is no communication between you, your child, or the adoptive family. 

Depending on what you choose for your adoption will decide what services you want from the adoption agency. 

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy in Reno, Nevada, contact Adoption Choices of Nevada to explore your adoption service options.