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By Adoption Choices of Nevada

What if the adoptive family doesn’t love my baby?

By Connor Shelton

If you’re an expectant mother considering adoption, we know there’s a lot going through your mind. You’re probably wondering if this is the right choice and whether you’ll get to see your child again. These thoughts are perfectly normal. Similarly, your choice to place a child up for adoption is completely justified. You are choosing adoption out of love. Placing a child up for adoption in Nevada does not make you a bad mother.

Even if you take comfort in the reality that what you’re doing is right, we know that you will still be worried about your child’s wellbeing. Specifically, we know how easy it is to worry that the adoptive family won’t love or accept your child as their own. Of course, your concern is entirely valid, but here’s why you shouldn’t fret about such a scenario with Adoption Choices of Nevada.

The Nevada Adoption Process

As the birth mother and person choosing to place your child up for adoption, you have full control of the adoption process. We’re talking about the type of adoption, birth plan, adoptive family, and every other detail you want to be met in an adoption. It might sound like a lot, but you’ll have plenty of time to decide your child’s future. Just take your time and remember that you can always talk to your adoption counselor or other birth mothers for advice.

As you’re processing the whole scope of the adoption plan, the first thing you’ll want to consider is the type of adoption you choose. Most adoptions today are either open or semi-open. This means you and the birth father, if he is involved in the adoption process, will have access to the child and contact with the adoptive parents. This can include phone calls, in-person meetings, zoom calls, or even something as personal as letters. As the birth mother, you get to choose how you wish to communicate with your child, something which is important in choosing the right adoptive family. There are also closed adoptions, which prohibit any communication between you and your child. It’s very rare to choose such an adoption nowadays, but if you decide a closed adoption is what’s best for your child, we’ll understand.

The Adoptive Family

Even after you’ve settled on the type of adoption, there’s still the matter of choosing a family you’re comfortable with to raise your child. We utilize a screening process to help narrow down the possibilities and find the best match for you. This involves prospective parents going through a home study, sharing details of their lives with you, and coming in for interviews. Though we are the ones to conduct all these tests and meetings, you still have control over who you choose.

If you’re worried about prospective families, you can always stick to families who have already adopted. There’s nothing wrong with choosing these types of families; it can be very important to see how the parents interact with other adoptive children. Not only will it give you a picture of what their home life is like, but it might also open your eyes to the reality that other prospective parents will love your child.

Regardless of who you consider to adopt your child, know that the relationship between you and the prospective parents is founded on trust. If you think you’ve found the right family for your child but still feel you should learn more about them, that’s understandable! You can talk to your adoption specialist to schedule meetings with the family, and they’ll be more than happy to talk with you. And after all the communication, you decided to change your mind about who you want your baby to go to. That’s perfectly understandable. It’s your right to choose who raises your child; the adoptive family will likely understand.

Will The Adoptive Family Love My Child?

Even after planning, screening, and interviews, we know you’ll still worry about your child. We can’t assure the adoptive family will love your child as you would, but we know they’ll care for them regardless. They’ve gone through so much trouble just to adopt them, just as you have gone through so much stress in choosing adoption in Las Vegas. That’s dedication. So, if you’re still thinking to yourself, “I want to put my child up for adoption,” then trust us. Have faith that the adoptive family will love your child just as much as you would. After all, they don’t even know them, yet they’re looking to raise them regardless. That’s love.

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