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What is a Birth Plan?

By Edward Harding

Thinking of giving a baby up for adoption? If so, you may be wondering just how to handle the birth of your child. Adoption agencies often refer to something called a birth plan or hospital plan when discussing your options for the future.  

A birth or hospital plan is an organized set of your own wishes. Both the agency and hospital staff will follow these plans accordingly during and after the birth. Just what this plan might entail is largely up to you, but Adoption Choices of Nevada can help advise you. Our specialists are highly trained and well-versed in adoption law within Nevada. For fifteen years, we have provided trusted consultation services to hundreds of birth mothers choosing adoption in Las Vegas. 

Creating a Birth Plan in Nevada

A birth plan functions in combination with the general adoption plan to help give you control over the adoption experience. Creating a birth plan is usually one of the final steps in the adoption process. You can discuss it with your specialist as your due date approaches. However, planning ahead is always a great option. You might want to construct a birth plan as soon as possible in order to share some information with potential adoptive families.   

Your adoption plan will be unique to you. On the one hand, there are certainly a variety of important points you will want to consider when building your own plan. Some examples include: 

  • Who will be present during delivery?
  • Who will name the child? Will it be you or the adoptive family? 
  • Will you release the child immediately into the care of a prospective adoptive family?
  • Do you require special medical care? Consider how you would like to undergo labor and what treatment options are available.  
  • How much contact will you have with your child after delivery?  

Your specialist can help you to build this plan if desired. They can even help you to apply for external services such as Medicaid in order to open up more options. You may also wish to take advantage of the legal representation offered by our agency during this time to facilitate birth certificates and the transfer of parental rights.                       

How does a Birth Plan help Las Vegas adoptions?     

Building a complete birth plan can provide your adoption journey with a few unforeseen bonuses. Hopefully, these benefits can help you to better understand the importance of having a birth plan on your adoptive journey. 

  1. A well-built plan reduces overall stress surrounding the birth. Going through labor can be a difficult and physically taxing experience. Answering a variety of logistical questions beforehand will let you concentrate solely on the birth and ensure your child arrives safely.           
  2. It can help build a relationship between yourself and the adoptive family. The birth of a child is a beautiful and special experience that is unlike any other. Involving the adoptive parents in the birth can build not only their bond with your child but also with you. This is especially valuable for those choosing open adoption.  
  3. For mothers who choose a semi-open or closed adoption, a birth plan gives you a chance to say goodbye. This is your plan, and by choosing adoption with a private agency, you have the ability to spend some time with your child after the birth. This is not often the case with federally sponsored foster care programs. 

Find Las Vegas Adoption Now!

If you are interested in formulating your own customized birth plan, your best bet is to find a local agency near you. Choosing a private agency allows you to have the most flexibility over your adoption experience. Most private agencies offer non-committal services and consultations. This gives you the option of making changes to your plans at any time. Additionally, if you decide to pursue alternative options to adoption, such as parenting, a private agency gives you that ability. 

Adoption Choices of Nevada is the best option for birth mothers thinking of adoption in Las Vegas or across the state of Nevada. We are here to help you along the adoption process, ensuring that you will never feel alone. Our personalized services are available to all mothers, no matter the situation. Contact our offices today and get a head start on creating your birth plan.    

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