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What is a Private Adoption?

By Elle Kerrigan 

If you’re a mother considering placing your child for adoption, you may be overwhelmed by the different terms and options used online. There are options for both public and private adoptions in Las Vegas and throughout Nevada. At Adoption Choices of Nevada, we provide private adoptions. We are a non-profit agency licensed by Nevada with no religious affiliation. So if you are in Nevada and wondering if a private adoption is right for you, we have plenty of information to help guide you.

Private vs. Public Adoption

Simply, private adoption is when a mother uses a private adoption agency, like Adoption Choices of Nevada, to go through the adoption process. The birth mother contacts us in a private adoption to create an adoption plan. When creating an adoption plan, we help you choose the type of adoption you’d like and an adoptive family from our selection of waiting families. You may look through the profiles of these families to find which family you connect with the most. We also help you create a birth plan and discuss any financial support you may need during and after your pregnancy. Financial support may be available to assist you with any costs related to pregnancy and birth. The adoption plan is made so that you may feel more at ease knowing the details are prepared ahead of time. 

The government runs a public adoption agency. Public adoption agencies cannot provide the same services as private agencies like Adoption Choices of Nevada because they often have many more cases at once. Public adoption typically involves the foster care system, meaning a child is placed with a foster family before being permanently adopted. The hope is that the family fostering the child will be their permanent family, although this is not always the case. There is also usually a heavier involvement of legal systems. Compared to private adoption, contact with your child and their adoptive parents may not be as likely with public adoption. Public adoption is usually a long process to reach permanent housing compared to private adoption due to the time needed to monitor foster parents and ensure they are fit to parent. 

Benefits of Private Adoption 

While considering all of your options, we want you to know the benefits of working with private adoption agencies. First, we like to emphasize that “giving up a child for adoption” is the exact opposite of giving up. You are giving your baby a positive life, giving yourself peace of mind, and giving a family a child that they have been waiting for, but you are not giving up.

1. Choosing an Open Adoption

The benefit of private adoption with an agency like Adoption Choices of Nevada is that you can leave your adoption open. This means that you are able to remain in contact with your child and your child’s adoptive family if you choose. If you do not wish to close the door to communication with your child, this is a good option for you. However, closed adoption is still an option with us, and it is completely okay to choose this as well. With private adoption, you can also be sure that the waiting families have undergone extensive background checks. We have ensured that the families will provide a safe and loving environment for your baby, so you can be at ease when pursuing adoption with us. You can be involved with the adoption every step of the way.

2. A Community of Adoption Support

Another large benefit to choosing private adoption with Adoption Choices of Nevada is the endless support you will receive from our specialists. When you choose our agency, we will immediately assign a specialist to work with you throughout your journey. We pride ourselves on providing nonjudgemental and accessible care. You may contact this person at any time with questions regarding the adoption process. Our agency also provides emotional encouragement through the Birth Parent Support Group, which allows birth mothers choosing adoption to connect with one another. You are able to feel less alone with the resources our agency offers. 

How to Start Your Adoption Today

Placing your child for adoption can feel like a confusing process. If you are seeking a private adoption in Las Vegas or anywhere in Nevada, Adoption Choices of Nevada may be the right choice for you. We have been providing emotional, financial, and logistical support to women and families since 2008. Our specialists are well-trained, kind, and skilled. If you are seeking more information about private adoption in Nevada, visit us in person or contact us now, and our team will answer any of your questions. 

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