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How to Make an Adoption Plan

If you are facing an unplanned or unexpected pregnancy in Nevada, you might feel stressed or overwhelmed. It’s hard to think under such extreme stress, no matter what options you’re considering – abortion, adoption, or parenting. There is a lot to think about, and if you’ve decided adoption is the best option for you, contact Adoption Choices of Nevada and start your adoption plan.

With our no pressure adoption agency, you are 100% in control of your adoption plan.

The adoption plan covers your whole adoption process. The type of adoption you are looking for when it comes to level of openness, the process through which you’ll select an adoptive family for your baby, the financial assistance you need throughout your pregnancy, and the details surrounding your hospital experience. It can also include post-placement counseling and support.

Selecting the Type of Adoption

One of the first conversations you’ll have with your adoption caseworker surrounds the level of openness you want to have with your child and their adoptive parents. There are three different levels to choose from – open, semi-open and closed.

Open Adoption

Open adoptions are becoming more and more popular as the stigma around birth mothers and adoption has begun to fade. There is open, regular contact between the birth mothers, adoptive parents, and a child that was placed for adoption. Before finalizing the adoption, birth mothers and adoptive parents will be able to decide what level of regular contact is best for each party. Names, addresses, emails, phone numbers, and social media accounts can be shared. And planned in-person or virtual meetings can take place.

Semi-Open Adoption

A semi-open adoption is not fully closed but not open. With this type of adoption, there is some identifying information that is shared between birth mothers, adoptive parents, and a child that was placed for adoption. Some contact may occur with a semi-open adoption. An example of a semi-open contact is adoptive parents sending photos and updates to the birth mother about her child.

Closed Adoption

A closed adoption is essentially how it sounds. This type of adoption is when the birth mother, child, and adoptive parents have no contact following birth and waiving parental rights. No parties are given full names, addresses, phone numbers, or social media accounts. This type of adoption is the most common and for many birth mothers, it is the best choice for them.

No matter what type of adoption sounds the best for you, there is no right or wrong answer. Birth mothers come from all backgrounds, experiences, and life circumstances. There is no right or wrong type of adoption to choose from. Whatever type of adoption is the best for you, your adoption team will work with you to make sure your needs and wishes are met!

Ensuring Financial Assistance

When creating your adoption plan, a key part of your adoption experience with our adoption agency is guaranteeing that your needs are met. This includes a wide array of life circumstances assistance for birth mothers who need support. There is no shame in accepting help! Everyone, regardless if they find themself unexpectedly pregnant, needs help along the way. We are here to help you!

Ensuring Financial Assistance

Financial Stability

Financial uncertainty is something that everyone faces throughout our lives. It can be incredibly stressful. This is not something that you need to be dealing with while pregnant. Adoption Choices of Nevada will ensure that you have financial stability during your pregnancy. This includes helping with essential expenses such as bills, groceries, gas, and other essentials that will continue throughout your pregnancy.

Medical Care

It is a sad truth that not everyone has health insurance. Unfortunately, pregnant women who don’t have health insurance will feel unbelievable anxiety and fear. Taking care of your health while pregnant is not just essential for your well-being, but your child’s wellbeing as well. Our adoption center in Las Vegas will guarantee you have the best medical care during your pregnancy. We will help you to establish regular OBGYN visits and create a birth plan that fits your needs.

medical care

Housing & Transportation

Having a roof over your head is one of the most basic needs that we need to have a safe and stable life. Unfortunately, sometimes birth mothers may find themselves without adequate housing. This can be from a wide array of reasons. Her home may not be safe for her to live in or her housing situation could go away. Our adoption agency is here to ensure that all birth mothers have proper housing during and after pregnancy.

Transportation is another unexpected life circumstance that can disrupt a birth mother’s life. Not having regular transportation to go to basic things such as the grocery store, the doctor, or a job can be huge stress — especially when birth mothers need to get to OBGYN visits. We will assist you with transportation to get you through your day.

Choosing Your Child's Adoptive Parents

Choosing the adoptive parents for your child is not a requirement for you, but many birth mothers do decide to make the decision. If you want to choose your child’s adoptive parents, your adoption caseworker will present you with profile books featuring potential adoptive parents. These will give you information about them, such as photographs, careers, family history, interests, dislikes, and parenting styles. To help you narrow down the options, think about the life you want for your child and choose the adoptive parents who best fit this.

Once you make your decision, your adoption caseworker will set up an in person or virtual meeting. You will be able to have an open and free discussion with the prospective parents. You are in control of your adoption plan and your adoption caseworker will be there to help you along the way.

We would love to answer any of your questions about our waiting adoptive families, and to assist you in making an adoption plan that will work for you. Contact Us 24/7: 855-940-HOPE (Toll-Free)

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