What is the Difference Between an Expectant Mother, a Birth Mother, and an Adoptive Mother?  

By Jordan Smith 

If you are a woman who is expecting a baby and considering adoption, then it is important for you to know the terms that come with it. Here will be explained the difference between the three terms used for different mothers who have key roles in an adoption plan

Adoption Choices of Nevada finds it important that you know these terms in advance so you know the important difference between the three. Expectant mothers, birth mothers, and adoptive mothers each have their own specific role during the period of adoption, and each is as important as the next.

What are the Three Terms for Each of the Three Different Mothers?  

Expectant Mother: 

An expectant mother is a woman who is expecting a baby and who is considering adoption. It also means that this mother has not started the adoption process yet but is looking into it. Making the decision to adopt is hard, so it is understandable to get all the information beforehand before making the permanent choice to adopt. The expectant mother is new to the idea of adoption and may or may not wish to choose adoption. Purely seeking all her options so that when the time comes, she will make the best decision for her and her baby.

Birth Mother:

A birth mother is a woman who is already in the middle of the adoption process. A woman who has already made the decision to adopt. This could mean that she’s giving a baby up for adoption or is working on her adoption plan. Birth mothers are assigned adoption counselors to go over any resources that she may need during her pregnancy and post-placement and to have support.

Adoptive Mother:  

While at Adoption Choices of Nevada, the term adoptive mother is a woman who is seeking to adopt a baby or child. An adoptive mother has been working with Adoption Choices of Nevada for a period of time to make the proper arrangements to adopt. With each of these three mothers having different roles, it is important to know that the adoptive mother is different from the birth mother and expectant mother. 

Why is it Important to Use These Terms Separately?  

The terminology that we use here at Adoption Choices of Nevada is a way that we can have a respectable term for each aspect of adoption. Such as with expectant mothers, birth mothers, and adoptive mothers each have their own terms because of their individual roles in the adoption process.

Any mother that works with Adoption Choices of Nevada will be treated with the same respect and gain the same amount of support as needed. Each mother’s role in the process of adoption is important, whether it be the birth mother, adoptive mother, or expectant mother. In Reno adoption, the goal is to make for a positive adoption plan, and placement is our top priority. 

Working with each mother helps Adoption Choices of Nevada understand their uniqueness of them and what sort of adoption they seek.  

Adoption Choices of Nevada’s Terminology are Helpful

The terminology used at Adoption Choices of Nevada is helpful in regard to each individual term and meaning. It is an easy way for you and our staff to understand what each term is and what they mean. Expectant mothers who are in search of information about adoption are new to the private adoption agency and could benefit from knowing these terms. Birth mothers, whether it is the beginning of their adoption plan or post-placement, should know the terminology. Same with adoptive mothers, knowing the terms and their meanings would bring less confusion and easier correspondence. 

Adoption Choices of Nevada assists you with resources during the adoption process, but more importantly, assists in using the proper terminology. We have adoption counselors that are great at what they do, and with our no-coercion policy, you will receive ultimate support with no pressure attached. 

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