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What is the ICPC, and How Does it Impact Adoption?

By Miriam Fuller

Facing an unplanned pregnancy and searching for people to “adopt my baby” often leads birth parents to find an adoptive family or adoption agency in a different state. This situation of pursuing adoption outside of state lines comes with the task of upholding the ICPC. However, this task can be a confusing journey for birth parents seeking adoption in Nevada. That is why adoption agencies like Adoption Choices of Nevada are here to provide you with all the ICPC and adoption info you need so that you can focus on what matters: building a bright future for your child. 

Adoption Choices of Nevada provides birth parents with a personalized adoption plan, financial support, and free counseling so that their Las Vegas adoption journey is one of encouragement and care.

The History and Purpose of the ICPC Within Adoption

The ICPC, formally known as the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children, began with researchers conducting studies on interstate child placement in the 1950s. Their studies found that due to individual state laws, children involved in out-of-state adoptions could not receive consistent protection during the adoption process. After these findings, the ICPC was enacted in the 1970s to ensure the security of children within interstate adoption. 

The ICPC’s purpose is to provide nationwide regulations on the essential care for children within interstate adoption. It ensures children crossing state lines are protected and adequately housed until the finalization of their adoption. ICPC ensures children involved in out-of-state adoptions receive the same rights, care, and protections as children of local adoptions. The ICPC is in place to guarantee that when you are putting child up for adoption, they receive protection throughout the entire adoption process regardless of where their adoption takes place.

What the ICPC Means for Your Adoption

Birth parents who seek adoption agencies in Nevada to locate families to adopt my baby might find their adoption journey will involve following the ICPC’s guidelines. Navigating the ICPC can cause birth parents to feel overwhelmed and uncertain about their adoption process. However, they should not worry. While ICPC may require some work, it is in place to protect your child and their future. The ICPC ensures your child’s safety by holding the sending state or agency responsible for the financial aid and protection of your child until the finalization of the adoption.

Here are the actions you can expect adoption agencies to perform when upholding the ICPC.

  • After selecting an out-of-state adoptive family or home, your agency must inform their state’s ICPC office of the interstate adoption.
  • Your agency will work with your local ICPC office to inform the receiving state or agency’s ICPC office of the out-of-state adoption. Your agency will do this by sending a written notice containing:
    • The child’s name and place of birth
    • The personal information of the birth parents
    • The personal information of the prospective adoptive family
    • The reasons as to why the adoption agency found the adoptive family to be a suitable placement
  • You, your agency, and the adoptive family must then wait for approval from the receiving state or agency before the finalization of your adoption. 

The ICPC can be a long journey, especially when waiting for approval. However, it is a necessary part of ensuring the care and protection of your child. Thankfully, it is an adoption agency’s job to focus on the intricacies of the ICPC. So rest assured the ICPC and your agency are here to provide your child with a safe adoption journey and a bright future.

The Importance of the ICPC and an Agency’s Help

Pursuing an interstate adoption can seem daunting, especially when upholding the ICPC’s guidelines. However, birth parents must understand the impact that ICPC has on their adoption. The ICPC was put into action to guarantee you can find, place, and provide your child with a safe, loving, and caring home regardless of the adoptive family’s home state. It impacts your adoption journey and the future of your child by solidifying your child’s right to safety and essential care. Without the ICPC, placing your child in out-of-state care would make them subject to different levels of required care. This means that birth parents would not be able to guarantee the safety of their child, but the ICPC makes the child’s safety the first priority within adoption. 

While the ICPC is a wonderful cloak of protection over adoptive children, it can still be the cause of stress and anxiety for birth parents. That is why adoption agencies like Adoption Choices of Nevada are here to uphold the ICPC so that birth parents can remain focused on their adoption journey. At Adoption Choices of Nevada, we will focus on maintaining ICPC guidelines and legal procedures so that you can focus on taking care of yourself and creating an abundant future for your child. The ICPC is not something birth parents should fret over. They should feel confident that the ICPC guarantees the safety of their child throughout their adoption journey.

If you seek unexpected pregnancy help and or would like to learn more about the ICPC, contact Adoption Choices of Nevada today. We are excited to be a part of your beautiful adoption journey! 


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