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What Rights do Birth Mothers Have After an Adoption in Nevada?

What Rights do Birth Mothers Have After an Adoption in Nevada?

When it comes to understanding the rights a birth mother may have after an adoption, it is quite simple. However, some misconceptions can make the adoption process more complicated than necessary. At Adoption Choices of Nevada, we are here to clear the air of any questions regarding birth mother rights that may come up during your adoption process. It is highly important that every birth mother knows her rights as she embarks on her adoption journey. After reading this resource and speaking with our adoption center, you will have a better understanding of what rights do birth mothers have after an adoption in Nevada.

A Birth Mother’s Rights with Her Adoption Plan

It is important to remember that a birth mother has a major influence on the decisions made during her Nevada adoption. Just because a birth mother plans to place her child for adoption, does not mean she is restricted in her adoption plans. Before her child is a part of another family, and the relinquishment paperwork is completed, a birth mother still has the right to decide what is best for her child. Birth mothers are presented the opportunity to choose between a closed, open, and semi-open adoption relationship. With the right to choose the type of adoption plan, the birth mother will get to experience the privileges that can come with each kind of plan.

After an adoption is made official, the birth mother still has the right to remain in contact with her child or not. Depending on a closed, open, or semi-open adoption relationship and any amount of privacy she desires, a birth mother has full control over how she wants to remain in her child’s life.

Open and Closed Adoptions in Nevada

Between open and closed adoptions, a birth mother’s rights vary. Since a closed adoption in Nevada is designed to eliminate all communication between the birth mother and the adoptive family, the right to visitations is not present. Though a birth mother may have the right to attain the background information on her child’s adoptive family, she is restricted from making personal contact.

For any open adoption, a birth mother can coordinate plans with the adoptive family to communicate with her child. We encourage every birth mother to discuss visitations and forms of contact with the adoptive family and adoption caseworker beforehand.

All adoption plans are usually permanent. It is possible, however, for a birth mother to change any relationship plans with her adoption. A closed adoption could be reverted to an open adoption or vice versa. A birth mother may have the right to seek out the possibility of these changes, but it can be very difficult for the adoption agency to disclose personal information or alter what was originally set in the plan. This process can be very lengthy as it also varies for each state. Guidance from a legal advisor is recommended.

Adoption Services for Birth Mothers with our Nevada Adoption Agency

Before and after a child’s adoption, a birth mother has several opportunities to receive assistance in her pregnancy and planning. Adoption Choices of Nevada can provide financial and medical support for a birth mother per her needs. From doctor visits to support counseling, a birth mother has rights to many services that can make her adoption journey less burdensome.

In fact, after a baby’s adoption is complete, a birth mother is entitled to continue with some of the offered services. An example can be our Birth Parent Support Group. This service, provided by our adoption agency, is always open for a birth mother to join at her own leisure. What more, a birth mother can still continue with any of our personal counseling services that may have been of help during her pregnancy.

What Rights do Birth Mothers Have After an Adoption in Nevada?

The adoption process may already have its fair share of complexity, but the well-being of a birth mother needs to be addressed. Asking the question, “What rights do birth mothers have after an adoption in Nevada?” is very important. As one of the best adoption agencies in Nevada, Adoption Choices of Nevada wants to make sure both a birth mother and her baby find the best comfort possible. If you want to understand the legal process of a baby adoption in Nevada, we advise you to seek out counsel from your adoption caseworker or a legal professional.

Do you have any questions about birth mother rights after an adoption in Nevada?

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