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What Should I Look For in Choosing a Family to Adopt My Baby?

By Chloe Taylor                     

Putting your child up for adoption can be a selfless and emotional choice., You as the birth parent want to find the perfect adoptive family to provide your child with a loving and caring home. While it may be a difficult decision, Adoption Choices of Nevada offers the necessary adoption services to walk you through each step of the adoption process. Use this guide not only to help you choose an adoptive family, but to first help you create your own list of preferences and expectations.

The Adoption Plan in Nevada

After starting the adoption process and picking an adoption type, you can view the potential adoptive parent profiles. Choosing adoptive parents heavily depends on the adoption plan you decide on. The types of adoption are open adoption, closed adoption, and semi-open adoption. Open adoptions have open communication between the birth parent, the child, and the adoptive family. Closed adoption is no communication at all. Semi-open adoption can be a balance between the other types. With this type of adoption, it can be flexible and based on your and your child’s needs and comforts. Typically, semi-open adoptions have a mediator who communicates between the birth parent and the child and the adoptive family. 

5 Key Factors to Consider When Choosing an Adoptive Family

Finding the right fit for your child is incredibly crucial for the child’s well-being and happiness. Here are 5 key factors in discovering a good fit that may help you make your own list of preferences:

1. Values and Lifestyle

You may have certain values or a particular lifestyle you would like your child raised in. Do you have specific values or beliefs you want your child to grow in? Think about what your expectations would be for the adoptive family if they were to raise your child. When viewing the profiles of potential adoptive families or meeting with them in person, you can discuss and determine if they meet your values and lifestyle preferences. 

2. Stability and Support

The family’s financial stability is obviously a huge factor. But even more so is the adoptive family’s emotional maturity. Do they have a support system? Would your child grow a support system with them? Making sure your child will grow up in an emotionally stable environment is key to providing a loving and nurturing home. 

3. Experience and Preparation

Talk with the adoptive family about their experience with adoption. Ask them why they want to adopt and how they are preparing for raising a child. This can be a great way to get to know the adoptive family and determine their values and lifestyle.

4. Love and Commitment

Clearly, the potential adoptive families are committed to raising a child as they have gone through the adoption process thus far. Picking a family that is not only committed but knows the importance of creating the best possible loving and caring environment for your child. 

5. Openness and Communication

The openness and communication level depends upon your choice of adoption type. With open adoptions, you can discuss your specific communication preferences and make an agreement. There can be so much value in having open communication. It not only gives the child more support but also deeper connections to both birth parents and adoptive family. 

Other Factors to Consider for Choosing an Adoptive Family

There are many factors to consider when deciding upon an adoptive family. It is important to prioritize what is important for your child and recognize you may not find the perfect adoptive family that checks all your boxes. Consider other factors such as religious beliefs or cultural backgrounds. Other environmental factors such as the adoptive family’s existing children if they have any and how they may interact with your child. 

The Matching Process With Adoption Choices of Nevada

There are several adoption agencies in Nevada, such as Adoption Choices of Nevada prepared to assist you in choosing an adoptive family. All potential adoptive families are thoroughly screened beforehand and are ready to adopt. Your birth parent counselor will walk you through viewing the potential adoptive family profiles. Remember, Adoption Choices of Nevada, a professional and licensed adoption agency, is ready to not only assist you with unplanned pregnancy and adoption process but also give you advice. If you are feeling unsure about your adoption plan and would like to talk through your preferences, let us know.