What You Need in an Adoption Agency 

By Anna Keller

Do you live in Nevada and are currently considering giving up a child for adoption? Then this article is for you. But first and foremost, it is important to establish that by adopting out your baby, you are not ‘giving up’ on your child. Rather, you are providing them with a life that you would not have been able to sustain yourself. With that in mind, we can introduce you to some unwanted pregnancy options through adoption agencies in Nevada.  

What Adoption Resources Can I Get From an Adoption Agency

Adoption in Nevada may seem complicated if you are unfamiliar with the process, especially if this is your first time having a baby. However, the local adoption agency in your city will connect you with a plethora of resources that will help ease your transition into pregnancy. The Reno adoption agency, one of the adoption choices of Nevada, is particularly competent because they specialize in financial support for otherwise expensive endeavors.

Examples include housing assistance and transportation to and from health appointments, medical care, and counseling. Your adoption process does not have to feel impossible with an agency like this one to back you up. Unwanted pregnancy options also include matchmaking, which is a process that sets you up with a prospective adoptive family. This process does not pretend to be foolproof, though the more honest you are in what you want for your child, the higher the chance that your child will wind up with an appropriate match.  

Beginning Steps of the Adoption Process

What does the typical adoption plan look like? The first step is contacting an agency near you. Nevada adoption standards are up to par with other states, so what you are looking at is an individualized experience. Your counselor will work with you to meet all your needs, both for yourself and your child. But what makes Reno’s adoption so special? They are local and nonprofit, so they are not out to milk as much money from you as possible. Rather, their primary goal is to assist you and ease the difficulties of the adoption process as much as they can. Firstly, you will get a caseworker, and one of the foundational decisions you will make is which type of adoption you will choose.  

Types of Adoption 

Open adoption is becoming more popular, and Reno Adoption’s website notes that this rise in popularity is directly related to a decrease in adoption stigmas. The more comfortable a birth mother becomes with the idea of adoption, the more comfortable she may find herself wanting to remain a part of her child’s life in some way. What open adoption entails is ongoing contact between the birth mother and the family, including the child. However, this option is not for everyone, and for a good reason. The caveat is quite steep: you will be close with your child, but no matter how much you will care for them, you will not be their primary parental figure. Some women do not want to take on this emotional burden, which is completely understandable. But for those who can, it is a great option.  

The next option is semi-open. This option involves some contact between the birth mother and the family but is not as extensive as a regular open adoption. An example that the website provides is the adoptive family sending the birth mother photographs at certain life milestones. Lastly, we have closed. This one is rather self-explanatory. This option voids all contact between the mother and the family, including the child. In some cases, this method makes it easier for the birth mother to move on.  

What Makes Adoption in Reno Special 

What is another thing that makes Reno Adoption unique? They ensure financial assistance with small things that might not seem like they make a difference. However, once you are pregnant, you will learn that even the smallest extension of help can positively impact your health. This includes the health of your baby. A few things the website lists are bills, groceries, and gas. Another component of the adoption agency is its promised assistance in health care. This sector is especially important for birth mothers who do not have health insurance. If this applies to you, then you are in the right place. This assistance includes coverage of OBGYN visits and your birth plan.  

Another way that Reno Adoption sticks out is that they are not affiliated with any certain religion. This ensures that no birth mother feels out of place working with the agency, and it erases any potential for bias in counseling. Furthermore, according to the website, many of the professionals in the agency have been through the adoption process themselves. As a result, they will be able to provide a unique perspective on your journey that you might not get elsewhere. Lastly, another perk is that you, as the birth mother, do not have to have any sort of relationship with the biological father. The adoption agency does not take this into consideration when tailoring your adoption process. You can go into the agency hands-free and ready to find a home for your child without the input of the father.  

Why Choosing the Right Adoption Agency Matters?

In summation, there are a lot of reasons you should choose Reno Adoption if you are pregnant and looking to adopt out your baby. Not only are you provided a unique adoption experience fitted to your individual needs, but you will form an authentic, organic connection with your adoption specialist. Your adoption specialist, more likely than not, has already been in your shoes. The insight they will have to offer you is priceless. You are just one short step away from connecting with an adoption agency that will make this process seem significantly less scary.  

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