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What’s the Difference Between Open and Closed Adoptions?

Adoption may seem like a foreign concept, but it may be a concept you have to consider and examine if you are an expecting mother, especially if it is an unplanned pregnancy. Unexpected pregnancies can be difficult to deal with, especially if you don’t have the means to care for yourself or your baby. You may be worried about your future and your baby’s future because there are so many factors to consider when you are pregnant, such as your future and financial costs. There are many costs associated with raising a baby, such as medical and daycare costs, and it’s okay if you can’t take care of your child. Whatever situation you are in, adoption can be an option to consider because it can provide your child with a happy, safe, and loving home to grow up in. Here are some differences between open and closed adoptions in Nevada.

Giving Up Your Child For Adoption

If you are considering adoption, doing your own research about what the adoption process looks like and how it will affect your life can be very daunting, especially since there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding adoption. One of the biggest and most common misconceptions you may have come across is that adoption means you are “giving up” your child. Adoption is far from that.

When you consider adoption, you are never “giving up” your baby, and you are never giving up on your child. Many people don’t consider when they look at adoptions and people who have chosen to place their children up for adoption because adoption is not easy. Adoption is a choice that is difficult to deal with emotionally and socially, but ultimately, adoption is a choice made out of love. 

Adoption is a choice that will provide your child with a bright future and resources that you may not be able to provide them, and it is a choice that is made from an understanding and acceptance that somebody else can raise your child and love them as if they were their own. 

Pregnant Adoption Options

Adoption is a process that can be complicated, but it is a process you don’t have to go through alone. The first thing you should do if you want to go through with adoption or even if you are just considering adoption is to contact an adoption agency. At Adoption Choices of Nevada, we can answer all the questions you have regarding pregnancy. Afterward, you will work closely with a birth parent counselor, who will keep you informed at every step of the Nevada adoption process. What is important to remember is that you are in total control of the process and that there is no pressure to finish the adoption process if you have any hesitations during the process.

Some terms that may have come up in your research of what adoption is may have been private adoptions and public adoptions. 

On the other hand, private adoptions are also known as independent voluntary placement. As the name implies, children are voluntarily placed for adoption. This process is often much faster than public adoptions because, in private adoptions, biological parents choose to relinquish their parental rights, whereas, in public adoptions, parental rights are terminated but can be regained. 

Types of Adoption: Open vs. Closed

During the NV adoption process, you will create an adoption plan, which is essentially a plan that will detail what future you want for your child and yourself. One of the most important choices you will have to consider is how open you want your adoption to be, and this is where open and closed adoptions come into the picture. You may be asked some questions about your adoption preferences, such as:

  • Will you want to visit your adoptive family?
  • Do you want to maintain communication with your adoptive family?
  • What kind of communication would you want to maintain with your adoptive family, if any?

The main difference between open and closed adoptions is the level of communication you may want to have with your child and their adoptive family. A closed adoption means the line of communication between the birth parent and the adopted child does not exist, and contact information between the parent and adoptive family is not shared. Open adoptions are becoming increasingly more common, and these adoptions are where communication exists between the birth parent and the adoptive family. If you choose this kind of adoption, you will play a role in your baby’s life, but how big that role is will depend on the level of communication you want to maintain. 

You can simply choose to communicate exclusively through letters, or you can go the other way and have an active role in your baby’s life by scheduling visits or phone calls. You can choose to give the adoptive family your direct contact information, or you can choose to facilitate communication between yourself and the adoptive family through the adoption agency. 

Making these decisions can be difficult, which is why Adoption Choices of Nevada wants to be there for you. We want you to be as informed as possible so that you completely understand the process and the circumstances you are creating for the future of you and your baby. 

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