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Who are Birth Mothers in Nevada?

Birth Mothers: Who They Are

Birth mothers come from all types of backgrounds. They are so much more than just women who choose toplace their babies for adoption. While there can be a stigma around them, it’s important to realize that birth mothers play a vital role in the adoption processand their stories cannot be forgotten. Acknowledging that can help break the stereotypes and shine a more positive light not only on birth mothers, but also on the adoption process.

Each and every birth mother has her own story. She has the right to it and to creating a path of her choosing, no matter how unconventional society deems it. That’s why, today, Adoption Choices of Las Vegasis focusing on birth mothers: who they are.


Not all birth mothers are teen mothers or young pregnant women, but they do make up a portion of the birth mother demographic. Some young mothers have family or friends to support them in their parenting journey; however, not all women are that lucky. Adoption might appeal to teen or young birth mothers because they do not have the resources to raise a child. They might have educational goals that are still in progress, financial instability, or simply do not feel that they are at a place in their life to have a baby.


Along those same lines, not all birth mothers are single women. In fact, many birth mothers are married. Some have children already. With these birth mothers, she may not have the time and resources to give another child the love and attention they deserve. So, adoption becomes her best option.

Yet, marriage does not mean that a couple is ready for kids, or even has the desire to be a parent. For  unmarried birth mothers, she may not want to raise children outside marriage, so she chooses to go down the path of adoption.

Struggling with Addiction 

A common misconception about birth mothers is that they are all addicted to drugs or alcohol. While this may be a contributing factor for some, not all birth mothers struggle with substance abuse. Those who do, however, may choose adoption because she wants to give her baby a better life. Whether this means that she is either struggling to become clean, or chooses to continue in her addiction, each and every story is different and we are committed to helping birth mothers no matter what.

Victim of a Sexual Assault

Unfortunately, not all babies are made out of love. Some birth mothers become pregnant after a sexual assault and, understandably, choose to place that child with another family. As sad as these circumstances may be, she can find comfort in that she is able to bless an adoptive family with the beautiful gift of a long-awaited child.

Doesn’t want to be a Parent

Many girls dream of becoming mothers one day, playing with baby dolls and role-playing in a classic game of “house.” However, not all girls grow up to be women who desire to have children. The pressure from society to become a parent can be overwhelming, but it is OK to pave your own path. Not every woman has maternal instincts. So, if a birth mother decides that she doesn’t want to be a parent, that is completely natural. A person’s life can be just as fulfilling without children.

Financially Unstable

It’s no secret that raising a child is very expensive. Diapers, wipes, food and other essentials add up very quickly. Some birth mothers are not in a place where they are financially ready for all of those responsibilities. Thus, she chooses adoption and selects an adoptive family who will be able to provide for her child in the way she can’t.

Birth Mothers: Who They Are

Parenting is definitely not “one size fits all.” Every birth mother’s experience is different. Yet, all the same, birth mothers are the reason that adoption exists. Without them, so many adoptive families would not have the children that they do. It’s important to remember that birth mothers choose adoption not out of selfishness, but out of selflessness.

To all the birth mothers out there: we see you, we hear you, and we appreciate you.

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