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Despite what we see on social media, not every pregnancy comes with excited baby announcements, showers, and smiles. Sometimes, those pregnancies aren’t planned, and the excitement is replaced with sadness, frustration, anxiety, and confusion. At that moment, it’s empowering to remember you have options for your unplanned pregnancy, and one of those is adoption.

Every pregnancy is different, so you have to consider your own situation and what is best for both you and the baby. A good adoption agency will give you information about all your options so you can make the choice that’s right for you. With so many people out there hoping to adopt a child, you might find adoption to be the best solution to a difficult situation. Here are just a few of the reasons why women who experience unplanned pregnancies choose to place the baby for adoption:

You Don’t Have a Supportive Family or Community

It truly takes a village to raise a child, and if you don’t have an extended network of family and friends to help you with the baby, the thought of becoming a parent could be overwhelming. Not every woman is lucky enough to have family nearby. If your family is outspoken against your pregnancy, you could be faced with additional challenges.

In some cases, the father might not be supportive of the pregnancy, or you might not know how to find him. If you don’t want to be or have the resources to be a single parent, placing the baby for adoption is a loving option.

It’s Not the Right Time

Maybe you have certain goals and dreams for your life in terms of family and career. If becoming a parent right now would disrupt those dreams, adoption could a better option for both you and the child. Maybe you have other children to take care of, maybe your career is commanding your attention, or maybe your financial situation cannot support another person. Adoption is there if you know you don’t have the time or resources to devote to a new baby.

You Want Greater Opportunities for Your Baby

Every parent wants the best for his or her child. We want them to be safe and comfortable and to have opportunities we never had. If you know you can’t provide that kind of environment for a child, rest assured there are many adoptive parents who are willing and able to provide those opportunities. In these situations, adoption can be the greatest gift you give your child. It opens up a new world full of security, education, travel, extended families, and more for your baby.

You Don’t Want to Be a Parent

Some people have unique talents that enable them to pursue careers as doctors, artists, or teachers. Others have unique talents that make them perfectly suited for parenthood. We wouldn’t want every person in the world to become a doctor (because who would do all the other jobs?), and we don’t need every person to become a parent.

That’s the beauty of being human: we’re all different. It’s okay if you don’t have any interest in being a mother, just like it’s okay not to have any interest in being a doctor. Knowing yourself well enough to know you don’t want to be a parent is commendable. Taking the steps to ensure your child can have a beautiful life without you is courageous, generous, and loving beyond measure.

If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and are unsure about what to do, we invite you to contact us. Our counselors can teach you more about your options, including what the adoption process is like and provide the resources you need to help you make an informed decision. There’s no pressure or commitment. Learn more, then decide what’s best for you and your baby.

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