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By Adoption Choices of Nevada

Why Do Birth Mothers Choose Adoption in Nevada?

By Shamani Salahuddin

Facing an unplanned pregnancy can bring up feelings of fear, isolation, and doubt. And if you have never unexpectedly taken a pregnancy test and watched as the positive lines reveal themselves, you will never know what that feels like.

Many factors go into the decision when considering putting a baby for adoption. Can I be a good mother? Do I have the money to support this baby? Can I provide a promising future for this child? You won’t have the answers immediately, but you should know the available options. Adoption Choices of Nevada is who to call when you are pregnant and considering adoption. We are a local and reputable adoption agency here to support you through the adoption process. For birth mothers, choosing adoption can be one of the hardest things to do. The benefits can outweigh the heartache if it gives your baby the potential for a great future. 

The reason behind every adoption is unique to the parent. It is important to understand the motives and benefits of adoption to be a better ally and support system for birth mothers choosing adoption in Nevada.

The Birth Mother May Need Financial Help

When raising a child, clothing, food, and medical expenses stack up quickly. You may want to consider adoption if you are experiencing an unexpected pregnancy and cannot financially provide for your baby. Whether out of work, economically disadvantaged, or young in high school or college, finances are a top consideration when caring for your baby. If you decide giving up your baby for adoption is for you, you may be eligible to receive Adoption Choices of Nevada’s free financial assistance regarding:

  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Prenatal medical care
  • Counseling support  

The Birth Mother’s Unplanned Pregnancy is a Result of Abuse

A common reason that causes mothers to contact our adoption agencies is they live in an abusive environment. Keeping and raising a child can be dangerous if you have an unplanned pregnancy in an abusive relationship. Realizing that you can’t provide your baby with a loving, safe home is a brave and commendable reason to place your baby for adoption in Nevada. Deciding to adopt for birth mothers is a serious decision with only the baby in mind. 

Unfortunately, many adoption cases result from sexual assault. Sometimes, survivors of sexual assault get pregnant. Women who experience assault will have trauma for the rest of their lives, which can affect their ability to raise a child. Sometimes, the baby is a constant reminder of what happened to them. This devastating situation puts birth mothers in a position where they question whether they want to choose adoption.

In the case of a sexual assault, please contact your local authorities or the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-4673 if you or anyone you know has experienced a sexual assault.

A Birth Mother Simply Cannot See Themselves Being a Parent After Pregnancy

At times, teenagers and young adults face unexpected pregnancies. Typically, young birth mothers will place their baby for adoption because they cannot properly care for their child. Many of these women haven’t even thought about the idea of being a mother yet. They focus more on completing school, beginning a career, and establishing themselves as adults, not becoming parents. For some, thinking of committing their lives to a child needing them day and night is scary. The young women who are not ready for the sacrifice and want to focus on their future consider adoption because it gives them and their baby the best chance. 

Along with teen pregnancy comes a lot of stigma, and some will lose a support system. Putting your baby up for adoption is difficult, but what if your family won’t help you? 

Some women deal with situations like this all the time–especially young women. When your family finds out you’re pregnant, they can tell you you’re on your own if you keep and raise the baby. It is challenging for a woman of any age to have no support system going through pregnancy. A lack of support can drive women to adoption if they have no help after the baby is born.

You Have Control Over Your Adoption Plan and Your Child’s Future

As a birth mother, you can create an adoption plan that works for you. Adoption Choices of Nevada has professional adoption specialists to help you understand your choices and guide you through your Nevada adoption journey. You choose the type of adoption you have, potentially adoption services, and the adoptive family.

Potential adoptive families are screened through our adoption agency to ensure your baby lives in a safe, healthy, loving home. You also choose how much or little contact you want with the adoptive family post-adoption. Each adoption plan is personal to the birth mother’s comfort and needs. 

All the choices of your adoption are in your control. Our adoption agencies in Nevada can provide resources, tools, and support to make your adoption as stress-free as possible. With the help of our adoption counselors, you can create an adoption plan that makes you confident in your decision.

At Adoption Choices of Nevada, we aim to support birth mothers through their adoption journey so they never feel alone. All birth mothers are different, and understanding the varying reasons why one would choose adoption is essential in supporting them. 

If you are pregnant and considering adoption for any of the reasons mentioned above, contact Adoption Choices of Nevada today to learn more about your options.