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Why Is Adoption Still Considered Taboo?

By Alexandra Butcher

Adoption is a process that has existed for thousands of years. It may not look or operate in the same way in our modern world, but the sad truth is that despite the development of adoption and its integration into modern society, stigma still surrounds the adoption process. Adoption Choices of Nevada knows how hard it can be navigating through the tough waters of adoption, especially with stigma still so present. We work with birth mothers to ensure that you go through the process of adoption in Las Vegas as stress-free and supported as possible! 

5 Reasons Why Adoption Still Carries So Much Stigma

It might come as a surprise to many that adoption is still such a taboo topic, given recent societal developments. However, the harsh truth is that there is still a hard fight we must put up before adoption is destigmatized. Below are five misconceptions and reasons as to why adoption is still heavily stigmatized and why you should pay them no mind.

1. People Still Think Birth Mothers Don’t Love Their Child

One of the most common misconceptions surrounding adoption in Nevada is that birth mothers choose adoption due to a lack of love. This couldn’t be further from the truth; in fact, the decision to place a child up for adoption is one that is rooted in the deep love a birth mother has for her child. Birth mothers love their child so much but understand that they cannot provide for them in the way they deserve. This is why they choose to work with Adoption Choices of Nevada to find a loving home for their child to grow in. 

2. People Believe Birth Mothers Choose Adoption and No Contact

Old and “traditional” adoptions were seen as heavily transactional – with a birth mother willingly giving up all their rights to contact with their biological child. To this day, the idea that this is the only way adoption can work is what creates such a taboo and stigma surrounding adoption. 

In reality, modern adoption has made it possible for birth mothers to remain in contact with their child and the adoptive family. Birth mothers have the right to choose an open, semi-open, or closed adoption if they desire. Whichever one they choose, it is important not to confuse adoption with abandonment.

3. Adoption Is Seen as the Easy

Adoption is so often associated with negative connotations, such as abandonment or choosing the “easy way out.” However, the adoption process is never easy and can often be the most difficult journey a birth mother goes through in their life. Just because a woman is choosing to place their child up for adoption, does not mean that they are taking the easy way out. Giving your baby up for adoption is an extremely difficult choice for birth mothers and we should celebrate your bravery.

4. Adoptive Children Won’t Be Seen as One of Their Own

Focusing on a child being adopted can isolate them and make them feel like they aren’t a part of their family. This stigma surrounding adoption makes adopted children feel like they aren’t part of a family simply because they don’t share blood, but this couldn’t be more wrong. 
Adopted children deserve to feel loved and wanted; the adoption process ensures this by making sure birth mothers have the opportunity to stay in contact with their child. Birth mothers also have the final say in the adoptive family that raises their child. Adoption Choices of Nevada gives birth mothers real choices for adoption, not just those dictated by an outdated society.

5. There are Some Who Still See Adoption as Shameful

Overall, these reasons as to why adoption is stigmatized add up to one final conclusion: adoption is still seen as shameful. All parties involved in the adoption process have undoubtedly experienced feelings of guilt and shame. The stigma that adoption carries makes birth mothers feel ashamed for choosing to place their child up for adoption. It also makes adoptive families feel ashamed for choosing to adopt instead of having biological children.

Not to mention that it makes adopted children feel ashamed of where they came from and who their family is. As a society, we need to break this stigma and make adoption in Nevada a topic that people can have an open conversation about – free of shame, guilt, or embarrassment.

Breaking the Stigma Surrounding Adoption in Nevada

It is up to everyone to stop adoption from being a taboo topic. The adoption process is a very common occurrence and should be normalized. It isn’t some secret transaction that cuts all ties between a child and birth parents – it is a beneficial journey that provides adopted children with the best opportunities in life. It is selfless, not selfish. If you are seeking unplanned pregnancy or adoption help, don’t hesitate to reach out to Adoption Choices of Nevada! We can help you build an adoption plan that won’t make you feel any guilt or shame.