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By Adoption Choices of Nevada

Why the Term “Giving Up Baby” For Adoption is Harmful to Birth Mothers

By Miriam Fuller 

We are all familiar with the often-used tale of the hooded birth mother running in the rain, clutching her newborn, and placing them on the steps of an adoption agency. While this narrative is ingrained in our minds by Hollywood, this false portrayal paints a harmful picture of the selfless decision a birth mother makes. Unfortunately, this harmful narrative is only empowered when we use phrases such as “giving up a baby” for adoption. At Adoption Choices of Nevada, we believe in rewriting this narrative and empowering birth mothers in their choice of adoption, understanding that they are never “giving up.” 

Placing Your Baby For Adoption is an Act of Selflessness

When a birth mother decides to look for adoption agencies, the phrase “give up baby” is all over the internet. This over-use is due to the phrase’s popularity and familiarity. However, the term itself negates the amount of selflessness a birth mother has when she chooses adoption. As a birth mother choosing adoption, you are making one of the most loving and selfless choices a parent will ever make. Choosing adoption puts the baby and their future first, promising that they have a beautiful life. Placing your baby for adoption is not an easy decision or a selfish one. It is the exact opposite. 

Choosing adoption for a baby displays the birth mother’s deep love and care for her child. Adoption is always a loving choice, and is never a mother “giving up.” Continuing to use this misguided phrasing of “giving up a baby” only falsely portrays the love a birth mother has. For this disrespectful narrative to be rewritten and to reflect the true nature of birth mothers and adoption, we must change how we speak about adoption. 

Replacing the Harmful Term “Giving Up a Baby” to Empower Birth Mothers

Facing an unplanned pregnancy and seeking an adoption plan can come with a lot of stress, especially when harmful language surrounds the topic of adoption. Saying a birth mother is “giving up” her baby makes her selfless and loving decision seem invalid. Using this term can be incredibly harmful as it can make the choice of how to put a child up for adoption incredibly stressful and upsetting. However, if we replace this hurtful phrase with others, we can empower birth mothers to choose the right adoption plan for them.

At Adoption Choices of Nevada, we use positive phrases such as “placing a baby for adoption” and “choosing adoption” so that we can help uplift birth mothers in their decisions. Using these new phrases helps create a supportive environment around adoption, building an empowering community for birth mothers within adoption Las Vegas. Changing our language and how we speak about adoption can establish an environment that cares for birth mothers and their babies the way they deserve to be cared for.

Using Positive Adoption Language (PAL) to Rewrite a Harmful Narrative

Creating a positive and truthful narrative around adoption Nevada is vital if we want to protect and uplift birth mothers. If the current disrespectful and misrepresenting narrative continues, birth mothers will remain discouraged from seeking adoption in Nevada

To rewrite this harmful narrative, we must begin using Positive Adoption Language, also known as PAL. By using PAL throughout adoption Las Vegas, we can change the way not only birth mothers approach adoption but how the population views the adoption process. PAL can help support a birth mother in choosing an adoption plan that is best for them, whether it be a pregnant adoption, open adoption, private adoption, or another adoption type. Using negative language and false narratives when discussing adoption does nothing but harm the birth mother and her child. 

However, by using Positive Adoption Language, we can ensure a safe and loving environment for both birth mothers and their babies. PAL opens the door for birth mothers so that they may seek support and community without feeling like their selfless choice is them “giving up.” At Adoption Choices of Nevada, we use PAL to show our understanding and support of birth mothers and to help make the adoption process smoother and safer for everyone. 

Supporting Birth Mothers In Their Adoption Journey

Due to the use of negative language around adoption, searching adoption agencies and trying to find the right adoption plan for you and your child can be disheartening. We understand and are striving to rewrite this narrative. We are fighting to build an understanding and loving community for all birth mothers as they embark on their adoption journey. At no cost to them, birth mothers seeking adoption in Nevada can find counseling and support to help them determine the right adoption plan for them at Adoption Choices of Nevada.